Houston, Texas

Last night I attempted to order custom window blinds at the store in Memorial City Mall in Houston, Tx. Not only has the department been stripped down to virtually no selection, it was impossible to make a purchase. The clerk, Debra did not have any idea how to order the blinds nor could she tell me what they would cost. She had no knowledge of window coverings and really wasn't helpful and was rude. I asked for a Manager and was told that the Store Manager would not be able to assist since no one in the store knew how the complicated system of ordering worked. I was told that if I did order, they would be unable to give me or email any details of the order. Faced with no price, a rude clerk who doesn't know how to order anything and no sample/ display of what I would be ordering - I left the store empty handed.

What has happened to the best retail Drapery department on the planet? I think that someone at the top has confused consumers wanting "value" with cheap plain vanilla merchandise. In the past, JC Penney is where even decorators and designers would go for all things relating to window coverings. If you needed even a small piece of specialty hardware for a window covering, they had it. If you wanted anything from quality ready made drapes/ curtains to custom designs- they had it all with friendly, knowledgeable staff to assist at good prices. The brands were high quality, timeless and reliable. They have stopped carrying their best seller's in favor of Martha Stewart stuff that is just like what you can buy at Macy's - who by the way has never had a great window coverings department.

Dear JC Penney's, Please bring back the entire drapery line including Lisette sheers. Please bring back the Ralph Lauren American Classics. The Martha Stewart stuff might have an appeal as an end-cap offering but not as an entire department. There were many things that could have been done to improve sales/ profits at the old JC Penney. I'm not sure how to fix the disaster this has become but something needs to be done quickly!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Sales Manager.

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The "Lisette" curtains JCP offers now are nothing like those of the past. They have changed them from flowing curtains/drapes with a good "drape" to stiff thin fabric like you would buy at a very cheap large super store.

If they were going to change the quality they should have just changed the name so we would not think we were getting the original product.

To make matters worse, they have added Liz Claiborne name to them. Now I really feel duped.


Yes, I completely agree!! I just went there to replace Cindy Crawford sheets that have been the best sheets at reasonable price and now there is *** selection.

Who made this decision to screw over the home goods section because it was very *** one! Any time I wanted to buy home items, my mother would say, go to JCPenney! Even went there for my son's dorm stuff. First son, had great selection etc.

Second son, it was like a ghost town customer-wise and selection-wise. Sad!!!


I am so disappointed that JCP is selling the same curtains as Walmart. I found the Horizon Grommet Top curtains on the JCP website. They looked nice so I searched for them to find reviews and found out Walmart also carries the same curtains!

The JCP price is more than double for the exact same item. The Walmart everyday price is 19.97 for size 50x84. JCP everyday price is 80.00 for one or 47.99 for 2 or more. JCP charges 191.96 for 4 panels, Walmart charges 78.99. How could JCP gouge customers like that :?





I TOTALLY AND COMPLETEY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID!!! I too, went to JCP to try and find some new draperies for my patio window.

What, like you said, USED to be the best place in the world to go to look at lovely displays of windows and get INSPIRED to create and redecorate your entire home now looks like a Target aisle. BORING, BORING, BORING!!! There are no valances, no entire "dressed" windows, no nothing! I am now forced to look online and shop the Bed Bath and Beyond, who doesn't have nearly what JCP used to have but at least has SOME stuff.

What they attempted to do with JCP has definitely FAILED with a capital *** my mind. Their store used to be the GO TO place for all things home...not anymore. All my friends say the same thing. They had the monopoloy on windows...they gave it up...to whom, I don't know.

Just so sad...these CEOs have no clue how to run a business. Martha Stewart has stuff in KMart, why would I go to JCP to get it too??

Her stuff is bland, bland, bland. Bring back the Croscill, the Cindy Crawford, the luxury linens..get a clue what your customers want!


I used to work there as a Windows Expert. It sounds to me like this employee was not an expert-maybe she was covering the expert's lunch or 15 minute break. Only experts have access to the custom ordering system, and experts have to pass a training exam to even be certified to use the system. It sounds like the employee was not formally trained in this area. Also, only the manager of the department has access to the system, because the Windows department deals with the most money-aside from Fine Jewelry- and the system truly is so complex, you have to take an exam. It isn't that the system is really complex, it'sthat there are so many facets to the ssystem, and they want to make sure you know what you are doing so you don't screw up a $400 custom order.

As for the discontinued curtains, drapes, sheets, and custom orders, YEAH. TELL ME ABOUT IT. Before I left, I had so many disappointed customers who were unsatisfied with the boring new window coverings. This was a result if Ron Johnson, the previous CEO's fault. He is the reason the company is failing. The CEO before him is back now, and when I left, that CEO was pushing new policies to bring back the old JcPenney everyone loved. These things take time and can't happen overnight, though. It will take years to reverse the damage Ron did. Try to be patient with the company, because change-the good kind- is coming soon.