I'm not really sure if i can say i was wrongfully accused because i was never really "accused" of anything. At 9am Sunday, December 30, 2012 I had a great job as a seasonal employee of JCP. By the end of the day I surprisingly found myself unemployed. Just the day before I was being praised by my leaders Tracy and Debbie for my loyalty and continued dedication in the misses department where I worked and was hoping to be considered for a full time position. The following day when the knowledge that I was "relieved" from my position made its way to employees and managers of my store (#1942) the repeated reaction of confusion led me to begin asking myself "What was the reason I was fired". Unfortunately I still can't answer that question.

I do feel like I was treated unfairly and I feel like the entire situation was a personal attack on my character. For the short time I was an employee of JCP; during morning meetings and closing meetings I was taught to treat my areas, my neighborhood, and my customers as they (LOD's) would. Put the customer first. Use my best judgement and if I believe a specific price/discount/simple gesture of courtesy would satisfy the customer in a situation where clearly JCP could have controlled. That's what I was trained to do and now I feel like I was fired for doing exactly that. I never would have thought that I would be made to look like a thief at a job that I LOVED. I feel like I was ambushed, discriminated against and unfairly targeted and discharged.

When I clocked in on Sunday for my shift I was called into the back office to meet with Summer (LPS) and Adria (LOD). I initially thought that I was about to be interviewed for the position in the shoe department another manager (Debbie) had previously asked me if I was available for. I was greeted by Summer and Adriana and was asked to tell them a little about myself b/c we had never previously met. Summer's exact words were "Well I don't know anything about you so tell me about yourself." From there I began to tell her my hobbies and interests and my love for my current job. Summer then asked me if I knew what her job was there and I replied that I knew she was in Loss Prevention. Summer then began to explain the technical aspects of her job to me so of course (not knowing anything was wrong) I began to think that maybe she was about to leave/be promoted and was looking for a replacement... Sadly I was way off.

What happened next was a complete shock. Summer showed me a sheet of paper and explained that it was a list of all of my purchases since I'd been an employee at JCP. I was surprised by the number of transactions there were b/c I didn't realized I was shopping that much but then again.. I love to shop. Summer began to ask about some gift cards I used during the purchases. One gift card was from April (easter shopping for family) about $9.50 was remaining on it that used after I was hired. Another gift card $20 was given to me by my LOD Tracy (authorized by Emily another LOD) as a reward for staying and working a double shift when we were short handed. And another gift card $100 given to me as a gift from my mother. I was asked about all three cards and without hesitation I explained where all three came from. I then asked Summer if I was in trouble. She replied to me that everything was ok. They just wanted to know about me shopping with giftcards. Summer then asked if I knew about the cameras at JCP and explained how sophisticated they were. At this point it was pretty clear that I wasn't being interviewed and something was actually wrong. Summer then told me that on camera she watched a woman purchasing the card who seemed to be a little older than me and that she saw me put the card in my pocket after it was purchased. I agreed and explained that my mother surprised me with purchasing the card. I asked her who it was for after i rung her up and she told me it was for me. I was excited. I thought it was an awesome gift and I showed all of my coworkers who were very happy for me.

At that point Summer asked if I knew that it was against store policy to ring out a family member. I replied to her that I wasn't aware. It had never been mentioned to me before. Adriana also stated that family members were not to be rung out by other family members. I told them I understood and apologized. Summer then asked me if I would agree that it wouldn't happen again and of course I agreed that it wouldn't happen again.

My thought at this point was, "ok, I'm in trouble and they're coaching about correct policy and procedures so I won't make the same mistakes in the future." I did not realize that my job was at risk.

The next transactions that we spoke about was a no-receipt return of pair of jeans that I purchased for $13 and some change and received $17 as the return amount. Summer asked me if i knew that my discount wasn't applied to the return. I explained to her that I wasn't aware. Adriana then stated to me that it is the employees responsibility to make sure the employee discount isn't overlooked during a return. Again I told them I understood and I apologized for the mistake. Summer asked me again if I agreed that it wouldn't happen again and told them that it wouldn't happen again.

Still thinking that they're coaching me to do better and getting a little relieved because there's no way they would let me go at the end of the season if they're going through so much trouble to make sure I don't make the same mistakes twice... still wrong.

I thought the meeting would be over after that but it wasn't. Summer then asked me about 4 separate transactions where my employee number was used to discount a purchase when I was the person who was ringing the customer. Separately I was asked if I remember each customer and I explained that I had. I was then asked if I knew the customer before the day of each purchase. I explained that I had not so of course Summer then asked why did I give those customers my discount. I then explained specifically one customer was being treated poorly and to resolve the situation I gave her a discount. To me I thought it was a quick fix. Another instance were two customers together. One whose name I later learned was "Sonny" the other customer was a friend of Sonny's. What I didn't remember about Sonny and her friend was why I gave the discount that day. Later I remembered they had items from a rack that a price on it but nothing on the rack was that price. I told them the sign normally had "and up" under the number on the sign. Both customers disagreed so I asked them to show me. The three of us walked over to the area and sure enough the sign did say "and up" but because I knew they were frequent JCP customers I offered to give them a discount. Sonny at that time told me she wanted "sexy" clothes and needed and experts opinion. Becuase it was so busy I told her to come back another time to speak with our fashion expert and they will be more than happy to help her out. Satisfying the customer. The fourth instance was when Sonny returned to the store to meet with the fashion expert who was not available so I did some shopping with her. The majority of the pieces that I chose for her were purchased. She was very happy and appreciated the help. She was hoping to have met the fashion expert and apologized to her for that and gave her another discount. To avoid the second visit I could have taken care of Sonny the first time I encountered her at the store but because she said she was a frequent shopper I thought it would be best that Franchescia (our fashion expert) should meet her.

At this point Summer began to laugh and stated "so you're giving people you don't know discounts". Of course I shrugged and said yes but it wasn't for nothing. Again I didn't realize I did anything wrong. Summer laughed and stated, "well I wish I got you to ring me out". Adrianna asked me if I knew who qualified to use my employee discount. I replied to her yes, now I do and I understood that I should have applied the discounts to the customers without using my own employee discount. I told them I understood and I apologized for the mistake. Summer asked me again if I agreed that it wouldn't happen again and told them that it wouldn't happen again.

I was then asked by Summer to write a statement about everything we discussed. I wrote down verbatim what Summer told me to write along with and apology for my lack of knowledge and the hope that it wouldn't reflect on their view of my character. I was told I signed the statement so I did. Summer told me she was going to read it to our store manager (Mark) to see what we were going to do next. Summer and Adria left the room for about 3 minutes and when they came back they told me that Mark decided that they could no longer keep me as an employee and to come back the next day to pick up my last paycheck that would be given to me in cash.

If there were any research or background done about what kindof employee I had been while working at JCP; both Summer and Adria would have gotten a reply from every employee I've ever worked beside and every manager that I've worked and trained with that I LOVE my job and would never do anything to jeopardize it. If Summer or Adria had the respect to even remember my name while accusing me of whatever I was or wasn't accused of that landed me back on the unemployment line I may have felt a little better about how they went about hanging me out to dry.

I'm at the point now that I don't know if I will ever want to step foot in JCP again which is a shame because my entire family in St. Louis, in Tampa FL, and in Atlanta, GA uses me as their personal shopper.

I'm really lost and devastated about losing my job and my favorite place to shop. I'm not really sure where to go from here. I would like some kindof resolution, apology, acknowledgement for being so mistreated. Before I worked for JCP I was one of your valued loyal customers and I was hoping to one day move up the ladder onto better things. Now I'm not sure how I feel about JCP.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if it ever gets to someone.



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Monetary Loss: $20000.

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You can’t be giving your discount to others like that. Most companies FIRE over that.

You did way too many sales violations to be surprised by your firing. Common sense should have kicked in.


I'm sorry to hear about that. I was actually let go for practically the same thing.


I guess I am really young to be honest. This was my first retail job and because it was seasonal there was no going over any store policies. After my first day of training I was put on the floor so yes, I was lacking the knowledge of the "basics". Since the incident I've spoken to HR, I've spoken to the Regional manager and the Store manager who all apologized about how I was treated and offered me my job back. I'm now still working for JCP and I LOVE MY JOB. I'm great at it.

Since the incident I've learned alot. One being that this isn't JCP complaint website like I thought it was. Totally public and totally embarassing to see people comment on my previous issue. But its over now so I'm still greatful for the feedback.


Columbus, Ohio, United States #605110

I was not fired, but decided to leave because of a similar situaton to yours. I was working in the shoes department for 4 years of my life. I never gave my assciate discount to anyone. I lost my state Id, AND i wanted to return some merchnanises. I retuend it with my mother's id she was their with me. I then tried to use my discount that away my associate discount would be subtracred from my items. It kept saying not allowed, so I just retuend the items without my associate discount.

5 months later loss prevention took me into their office about this transaction, and I told them that it was not letting me use the associate discount I did try.

They informed me to write a letter to my manager saying what I did, and why I did it.

I thought about it I gave this job 4 years of my life. I decided to put my two weeks notice. They were threatening to fire me after 4 years of my hard work. I got a new job 4 months later with better pay, and benefits. JCP did not treat me well. In the 4 years I never got a raise at all. I was working at minimum wage plus base pay, and then as soon as they took off commission they changed my pay to $10.90 only in 2012.


LOL. you honestly didn't realize you were doing anything wrong?....

Justice, Illinois, United States #590175

Wow, everything you described you did was against the store's policy, practically any retail store's policy. Knowingly handing out your employee discount to "frequent shoppers", when there's a percent off icon right on the computer screen?

Handing out your discount, ringing up your own gift ard, and returning items without a receipt (when it can easily be looked up in a database) all sound like a scam to me. If you were a seasonal employee and doing all this (really, a personal shopper?) one can only imagine what you would do as a manager!


In your defense as a previous employee for years. There is not much leadership at JCP.

you are usually on your own using your own judgement quickly, you must not have been trained on registers b/c there is a button or a few buttons on the register where you can change the percent or manually enter another price.

So if you were trained on registers then that is what their excuse was for thinking you should have known better.. As for the managers that asked you questions and seemed unprofessional just think of it this way..you are probably young with a long future ahead of you, hopefully in 20 yrs you will be more than just an entry level mngr.!


Unless you are a teenager, you should have known better than to do what you did, other than maybe ringing up family members. All of the teenagers that I know would know better than to do that.

How can you be the personal shopper for family members that live in so many different locations? I don't know, but my thought is that you were up to something.

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