Seattle, Washington

I was given a substantial gift card for JC Penney's over the holidays. I have tried shopping in three different stores and can find NOTHING I want to buy.

The whole store is outfitted for teenagers. They no longer carry any of the brands I like and rarely my size. There are no sales people to help you and when you find one they just shrug when you ask for items to purchase. I even tried online and everything is out of stock!

But they won't give me the money for the gift card. What am I do do with it?

The new CEO has destroyed this store. Guess I'll buy some sheets but I'll never shop here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Gift Card.

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I used to buy the bulk of my clothes from JC Penny. St Johns Bay Jeans are the only comfortable Jeans I have been able to find.

Clearly I am not the demographic this company is looking for. I hope the market for uncomfortable clothes can support them.


My daughter gave me a gift card for xmas. I ordered several things online they totaled over the gift card so I put the remainder on my credit card.

When I picked them up at the store I tried them on they didn't fit. I returned them and since I did not have the gift card with me they refunded the gift card and my credit card on my credit card.

So much for LadyScot's ignorant hateful comment she is a liar and I have proof my credit card with a credit from JCP. The cashier did offer cash but I told him to put it on my credit card.

@LadyScot is a Liar

Well he very well could have got in trouble for doing that. We are NOT supposed to give you cash back unless you actually paid CASH, CHECK, or DEBIT.

Gift Card, Credit, or using your debit card as a credit(meaning you do not put in your PIN) means it goes back on a gift card or Credit card. Get your facts straight. Luckily you didn't want cash or he could have got in trouble.

They track everything we do on the POS systems, such as returns/returns without receipts, purchases, changing prices when they ring up wrong, credit apps, online orders, every single thing. They can pull up a report on anything.


Don't blame the store because the gifter bought you something you do not like. Seriously. It is not JCP fault you can not find a single thing you want in their store. THEY did not force your gifter to buy you the card.

They are not going to give you cash. NO STORE will cash out their gift cards. How about passing it along to a teenager who will like it as a gift or sell it on Craigslist.

I have read some dumb complaints and this one is at the top.


Really not so dumb. JCP has always been a reliable store to find something for everyone-until the new CEo messed it up.

The gifter probably knew the reciever liked JCP (once upon a time). But, now that it has changed, well...