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i was excited hadn't bought new furniture in thirty years the prices were ok the sales man assured me dilivery included any assembly that was required all sounded to good to be true until the delivery people got involved and comple chaos took place with no one knowing what the right hand was doing First delivery cancelled due to computor problems one week later delivery is made but only one item was on the truck my couch nobody including the delivery co knew where my recliner chair was Now i get the runa around every passing bthe buck so i get jc penny customer service on the line who kept me on the line for twent minutes and finally said wehave to order you a new chair will take three to four weeks feb 26th given as the date the delivery service would receive the chair and call me for a new delivery date to my apartment on 2/1/18 i called jc penny to confirm this info and was told yes that was the date next day the delivery co calls telling me they have my chair andwill deliver on 2/5/18 between 10am and 2pm Now who do i believe jcpenny del date of 2/26 or the mysterious chair showing up for a 2/5/ delivery co date Absolute chaos for a co with jc penny's reputation this ahs taken the excitement of new furniture down the tube And having to deal with angry delivery drivers was not in my contract who said assembly was not included and got angry when i insisted they put the couch together and not leave is in pieces on my living room floor

Product or Service Mentioned: Home Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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This is just a VERY long run-on sentence. How could you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can't even write correctly???

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