Yesterday I walked into the J. C.

Penney store at the mall. You could have roller skated front door to back door and not run into one customer. Not only are the aisles empty, the racks are empty. A sales clerk told me "It's our new marketing plan.

We don't want the customer to feel crowded." Who are they kidding? Six pink sweaters ONLY on one rack? They have no walking traffic because there is no merchandise to sell. They don't even know their market.

The store is full of teen and junior clothes...in a retirement-centered area! Talk about missing opportunities! I shopped at Penney's all the years I raised our family. Now...it's just an embarrassment.

Send a buyer down here and watch the ages of the people shopping. We are located near the Villages, the largest retirement community in Florida. These folks don't wear the clothes this store offers.Walk over to Belk's a few doors away and see how busy that store is! And now they are cutting back on their Home Goods.

Goodbye J. C.

Penney. Sorry to see you go.

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