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I just got out of penneys after 2hrs spent trying on bras, different brands and sizes trying to find something as comfortable and nice looking as my ambrielle bra I feel bad for the sales people who have to replace some 50 bras on the racks and for my husband who walked around carrying different bras for me he started looking like a zombie I am tired,hot and my back hurts where do I find my ambrielle I bought 4 bras which i'm not happy with and may return is there another brand similar I can get why do they do this to us help!

Review about: Jcpenney Bra.

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They're actually bringing some of them back. I do know one of the styles migrated into the Lillyette brand.

However, we DO have the old Ambrielle panties coming.

I've yet to see the bras, though! I do so hope to see them back in our store!

Livonia, Michigan, United States #694663

Ambrielle was discontinued before I started working at Penneys. I stared working for them last November and have worked in Women's accessories/lingere since January. All the ambrielle bras went on clearance then, and we don't have any left in the store or online.

Orlando, Florida, United States #690865

Change happens!!!! Try another store maybe.

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