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The screaming commercial is not one of, but THE most annoying commercial I have ever had to mute every time it comes on. I cannot believe that the marketing and advertising executives employed by JC Penney really thought that anyone would find this amusing.

Screaming as portrayed in this commercial is usually associated with extreme fear or pain. I find it TOTALLY OFFENSIVE and disturbing. The text at the end of the commercial says it all. Enough.

Is. Enough. Pull that disgusting ad.

I will not shop there again until it no longer darkens my airwaves again. GET RID OF IT!

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Why would JCPenny want to consolodate the loss of their market share with what is, bar none, the most ill-thought out ad campaign they have ever created? It is obviouss that this company and its advertising agency, is out of touch consumers.

Shoppers don't buy product after hearing screaming actors.

They are turned off the product.

To JCPenny: fire your ad agency.


I think it was the most desperate ad I've ever seen. I'll never walk in one of their pathetic stores again.

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