Macomb, Michigan

I went to JC Penney today to purchase my favorite St Johns Bay jean and much to my surprise they discontinued I came home and went online to check and the ONLY ones featured were "out of stock"..The only thing that ever brought me into that store was those jeans and I'd shop along the way...not anymore.

I am so angry because it took me years to find jeans that fit me like that and now they're gone. It's not just me..there are several friends that I turned on to them that LOVE them.

Had I known I would have stocked up..What were they thinking?? Guess they weren't..Thanks Penneys'!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I may never shop jcp again. Every year one of my favorite lines of clothing is gone.

Will my Worthington's be next?

When you find a line of clothing that fits and a company you dont mind supporting its wonderful.

What now? Have to search for another line of jeans and a new store.


:sigh It's so sad to walk back in to a JC Penny's store now and know that our favorite clothing lines are now gone. I ask myself what is next?

the New Balance shoes also. I can't believe that this Ron Johnson is so in the dark he would mess up the company in the name of progress.

Hundreds of thousand people shop JC Penny's for decades purchasing main clothing lines because we so believe in their quality. Now we are left to start again somewhere else., No wonder JCP is losing money.


I agree. I recently visited the store to get some new St John's Bay jeans and was very disappointed to find they are no longer carried.

The new jcp line the sales associate pointed me to didn't appeal to me and I doubt I have reason to shop there anymore. So disappointed.


I agree. I love St. John's bay pants........very sad because of jc penny stopped selling it


Besides the lack of St Johns Bay jeans there is now next to nothing in the store I even want to look at to say mothing of purchasing it.


I agree! Can't believe they discontinued the St.

John's Bay line of jeans & tops. You would think they might pay attention to the reviews on the jeans, which were always favorable.