Macomb, Michigan

I went to JC Penney today to purchase my favorite St Johns Bay jean and much to my surprise they discontinued I came home and went online to check and the ONLY ones featured were "out of stock"..The only thing that ever brought me into that store was those jeans and I'd shop along the way...not anymore.

I am so angry because it took me years to find jeans that fit me like that and now they're gone. It's not just me..there are several friends that I turned on to them that LOVE them.

Had I known I would have stocked up..What were they thinking?? Guess they weren't..Thanks Penneys'!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Paid off my JC Penney's credit card and got rid of it. No longer need it since they decided to stop selling the St.

John's Bay jeans. I have no use for a store that cares so little about their customers that stop selling an excellent product on a whim.

What a let-down.

Those were the ONLY jeans I liked. JC Penny's management, you suck.


I trashed my card 2 years ago.. After I could not find the St.

John's Bay denim blue heavy shirts..

they sold very well.. what/who are these Educated idiots are running JCP now.


I too was excited when I found these easy fit jeans that may husband loved; I too am disappointed!!!


I am upset too that I can't find St. John's Bay straight leg jeans in a size 4...they are the best!

I buy the khaki colored ones for work, and they are so comfortable and fit like a dream! I looked online and they were out of stock...I asked at Penney's and was told that they don't carry size 4 very often, and to check back.

Well, it's about 5 months later, and still no jeans. I am so frustrated!!!


I bought some St. John's Bay jeans in store and they only had 2 pair that I needed.

I go back in and they don't have what I need anymore. I looked online and their out of stock.

I hope they haven't discontinued cause I LOVE THE WAY THEY FIT AND FEEL. They are some good jeans!


I agree!!! I'm not a big jean fan but these were the best and were actually comfortable.

Felt like I could join the jean world and be comfortable. The rest of them are like wearing a snuggy made of sandpaper!


Would love to have the St Johns Easy Fit jeans back. If not please tell us the source to buy them from. Best jeans ever!


St. john's bay jeans were a staple for my husband also.

So disappointed in JCP.

Can't find them anywhere. They were the only jeans he was comfortable in.


I have three sons and a husband and jc penny was my go to store. Not any more.

St johns bay jeans were a staple for my husband. Can't find a brand to replace them. So disappointing.

Would like to pop in on a marketing sales meeting and see what idiots are running this company. They don't know their customers that's for sure.


I tried today to find these jeans and they were gone. They were great and I will miss them. They were the best.


Had to be some tall thin *** that made the decision to remove JCP ST. JOHNS Jeans

@Want St. John jeans

Doubt that because I am almost 6 feet tall and a size 12......VERY hard for me to find jeans with a 34" inseam.......St. Johns Bay are NOT just jeans for people that are larger sizes.....


No more St Johns Bay Jeans.....might as well throw the JC Penney credit card away !!

Maybe we should cut our JCP credit card in half and send it to the JC Penney's CEO.

At least, everybody start calling for the President/CEO repeatedly to request the jeans brought back or tell us the source for them

I'm pissed !! Just cut my credit card in half and mailing it to them, return receipt requested !!


I agree. I just went to Penney's the other day only to discover the only good pair of jeans that fit and wore well are no loger carried by Penney's.

I'd like to find the source for these jeans and start my own store.

***, everybody I know loved these jeans


It seems JCP is doing a lot of this lately. I cannot find ST.

Johns Bay casual pants either. The same with the Stafford Super Shirt they used to carry. I would have done the same thing, purchase a bunch of shirts if I knew they were going to stop carrying them.

I thought they might get better when they got rid of the CEO and brought back the past CEO, but no such luck. I have heard lots of complaints from people local to me about the same thing.


I could not agree more! I have relied on J.C.

Penny catalog for years for their selection of tall clothing. It was my "go to" place for pants an end long sleeve shirts that fit well ( I am 6'). No more. Now limited selection and all my favorites are gone.

What they do have is often out of stock or only available in limited sizes and colors. What a disappointment!


I've been looking for st Johns Loose Straight Jeans For Over 6 months. No pennys Not Much Of A Selection Online.

Best jeans I've ever had. I want to thank you also pennys


My husband has been wearing the St. John's Bay easy fit jeans for years - he's a welder and his job keeps him moving throughout the day.

I went to our local J.C.

Penney's store recently to buy him jeans for Christmas - he is in desperate need of some new ones and was told that the store doesn't carry that jean anymore. Well, then, where can I find those jeans - cause that's the only jeans worth the price and comfortable enough for my husband to wear!?!?!


I have the same situation with my husband. They were great jeans!!


went to Penney's to buy my husband a couple pair of his favorite "jeans" to learn they no longer sell them. They are the light blue stretch jeans that he has worn for over 30 yrs. Thanks Penney's - you just lost another customer !!!!