Macomb, Michigan

I went to JC Penney today to purchase my favorite St Johns Bay jean and much to my surprise they discontinued I came home and went online to check and the ONLY ones featured were "out of stock"..The only thing that ever brought me into that store was those jeans and I'd shop along the way...not anymore.

I am so angry because it took me years to find jeans that fit me like that and now they're gone. It's not just me..there are several friends that I turned on to them that LOVE them.

Had I known I would have stocked up..What were they thinking?? Guess they weren't..Thanks Penneys'!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I have been looking for them for a year --- Anywhere! No luck. Please bring them back!!!!!!


I love my St. Johns Bay Jeans!


What a shame.........Women loved these jeans, any suggestions of a jean that fit like these.


couple of years ago we had the same issue. after many complaints the sale of those very useful pants was continued.

for me, in Europe, without any stores, I have to order online already for quite a long period the this service is not any longer available.

I refuse to fly to the US/Canada to purchase pants, however cheap they would be. Yes, I am also disappointed


Same here, I can’t find jeans anywhere that fit....I am so upset


same here!


I so upset too, I found them a few years ago and they fit so good. I have the jeans and jean capris and have been trying to stock up but they are all out of the good ones and it seems no one else sells them


Can’t believe they have discontinued these jeans. It couldn’t of been due to lack of sales, they were always out of stock! Wished I would of known, I would of stocked up!


I really liked the way St. Johns Bay flap pocket boot cut jeans fit now I can't find them.


I am also so disappointed! I loved the bootcut flap pocket jeans!! Please bring them back!!


So sad to see no more St. John's Bay jeans.

Of all the jeans as well as all the "designer" jeans I had purchased through the years, the St.

John's Bay jeans were the perfect fit. It is very unfortunate they're gone.


if you live long enough everything you love will be discontinued...sad but true. I will wear my last 2 pairs to rags and hope for the best. manufacturers are clueless ***


The best pants for men.


The ONLY place I was able to purchase the 35"/36" inseam and best fit ever. They did the same thing some years ago but then all of a sudden brought them back.


Are they going to bring them back again in a couple of years or what? Really bad business.


I agree with this person. St.

John's Bay jeans were the only ones out of many brands that fit me every time that I bought a pair. Ditto with the cords.

Would not need to try these on, chose different colors in each style. Stopped shopping entirely at the store in Keene, NH after this happened.


I have had my St. John's Bay stretch boot but jeans for at least 10 years.

They are finally starting to get holes in the knees and tears in the seams. I am so so so mad I can't see straight as the old saying goes.

Eveything that manufacturers make that are GREAT are ALWAYS discontinued. If they sell, WHY DISCONTINUE THEM?!


JC-P ... we need our jeans back!!!

RN#93677 ... supplier 75319-4.

We need this product back! Nothing compares.


Wow, was trying to shop online. Found this post.

I didn't know. Sadly, I say thanks.


The most comfortable and best fitting jeans for me as well. I hate to find something I like and they stop selling it!!!


I agree, I love them and thankfully bought a few extra pairs of jeans this winter, but not the capris and have been trying to find some that fit as good but I can’t seem to find anything. NOT HAPPY!!!!

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