I went to JC Penney today to purchase my favorite St Johns Bay jean and much to my surprise they discontinued them..so I came home and went online to check and the ONLY ones featured were "out of stock"..The only thing that ever brought me into that store was those jeans and I'd shop along the way...not anymore.

I am so angry because it took me years to find jeans that fit me like that and now they're gone. It's not just me..there are several friends that I turned on to them that LOVE them.

Had I known I would have stocked up..What were they thinking?? Guess they weren't..Thanks Penneys'!

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It took me forever to find jeans to fit my husband.St John's Bay was the answer to my frustration.

Recently he needed a different size so I bought them for him. He hates them!!!!

They don't fit the same, he hates the stitching on the pockets.If anyone finds a replacement, please post it.


And get rid of the back flap pockets!


yes bring back those St John Bay jeans the only ones I was ever able to fit into the best jeans out there


JC Penney....Need to hear your customers:

Bring back St. John jeans in all sizes!!!


Completely agree. Penney, please bring them back!

Riverside, New Jersey, United States #1323409

I am also not happy why would you jcp stop the st. John Bay jeans the best and fit the best and they came in short length get your head together JCP other brand jeans you sell fit like ***

Marcy, New York, United States #1316841

I'm also so unhappy about not being able to buy my favorite St. John's jeans . What is happening with Jc penny's store looks like a garage sale ?

Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States #1304637

I agree.I recently lost a few pounds & need a smaller size in my favorite St.

John's bay boot cut jeans.

No more shopping for me JCP.That's the reason I shopped ther as well!!!

Wellford, South Carolina, United States #1302241

I went today for St Bay Jeans.They had them but they weren't the same.

Big ol' pocket flaps on the seat. Do I need my butt to look bigger? No, I don't. And I LIKE JC Penney's.

:( I tried Ana Jeans but they weren't as nice.I'll try again, or maybe online ordering???

to Anonymous Latrobe, Pennsylvania, United States #1304638

Exactly!!! I do not need flap pockets!!


These have been my favorite best fitting jeans as well. Can we please get them back JC Penny?

Pflugerville, Texas, United States #1263356

I feel your agony because I can't find my favorite jeans as well.I've tried other St John's Bay jeans but the fit is not nearly close to the way my old jeans fit.

Don't know why they would discontinue a very good item, that's not good business.

I have returned the other jeans so they close money.Doesn't make sense.

Riverside, California, United States #1238158

That are selling St Johns Bay jeans again but they are a cheap imitation of the ones they sold several years ago. They are no longer the thick soft denim but are now made with a cheap thin scratching junk denim. JC Penny's has ruined the once incredible St Johns Bay brand.

Monument, Colorado, United States #1214267

YES! I no longer have a reason to shop there. :(

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1205162

I completely agree with the coment above. These are the only jeans that fit me like a glove and they are now discontinued. Is there a place I can look that sells out of stock items from other stores?


I totally agree with the last comment, the only thing that took me to JC Penny used to be the St.John's Bay jeans.

My sister who was visiting from England discovered this comfortable fitting jeans and introduced me to them.

Since then, I have bought and mailed them to her in England and I have gotten some friends who wouldn't shop at Penny's to buy the jeans as well.When I found out that JC Penny stopped carrying them, I had no other reason to shop at JCP anymore.


I couldn't agree with you more!JCPenny drops a quality product like St.

John's Bay jeans and stocks up on Lee.

That should tell everyone something about their "committment to excellence".Location is no longer a concern, JCPenny is off my radar!


Same here!! I am disappointed that I cant find the St Johns Bay jeans at Pennys anymore. It was the only brand that fit me right.


Same here!I finally find jeans I love and they discontinue them.

I guess I won't be shopping at JCP anymore. The replacement St. John's bay jeans are horrible !! They don't feel or look like jeans.

Who wants the stitching showing? Not me. It's like when they changed they tank tops. The new ones are horrible.

Guess they are looking to lose customers.They have lost me!!


I have had the same problem.These are the only jeans that fit me correctly & now you can't find them anywhere.

Why can't they bring them back into their line of clothing ?It would improve their sales for sure.

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