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I loved the clean beautiful layout the past year or so. I loved the no more coupons and the colors in the store.

my 24 and 30 year old kids started shopping there ,where as before the change they would not. The paper ads were bright and simple and now right back to the same dingy ads with those coupons. We won't be shopping there anymore. So sad.

The dressing rooms were cleaner and nice.

And the speaker didn't scare you every few minutes with Spanish advertisements. Lets here nice updated cool music like before, what's happened?

Who ever came to change it,went backward. We will miss that short alive penny's.Good Luck, you must like to cater to the 60+crowd.????

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Highland Park, Texas, United States #710373

I used to work at Penny's and the reason why we brought back coupons is because so many customers were *** about how there were no coupons. The company can't please everyone, and it's not like the products have changed- just the advertisments and they brought back coupons.

Coupons were originally part of the store's experience, and they only took them away five years ago with the previous CEO who ran the company into the ground. And the 60+ crowd is the retirement age. Meaning they have more money to spend. Teens don't go "Ooh!

I need some cute clothes! Lets go to JcPenney!" No.

They go to Rue 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie or something similar. JcPenney is targeting the age group that shops there the most consistently.

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