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I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! I have been wearing their twill and corduroy pants for 25-30 years, and am absolutely beside myself wondering what I will do now for pants.

They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and looked professional at work (teaching) and casual enough for weekends and around the house. I seriously have no idea what I will order now, and am angry enough to cancel my Penney's charge account. I cannot be the only woman who feels this way, since I believe they were a popular item. I realize that most companies are trying to appeal to younger shoppers, but you are making a BIG MISTAKE ...

there are a lot of us baby boomers around with money to spend on products we like!! In case you have been living under a rock, by the way, there are more of us boomers than any younger mini generation, so why would you want to lose all of us as customers? I have been a loyal Penney's shopper since I was a teen myself, but I am extremely disappointed that my absolute favorite product has been discontinued.

I have already spent hours online trying desperately to find corduroy pants that are similar to Cabin Creek, and have had no luck yet. I would gladly do a free commercial for JCPenney, jumping for joy at the return of Cabin Creek pants!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Location: Lima, New York

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Bring back Cabin Creek!!!!


Will you ever be bringing back the cabin creek pants? My mother loves them, she only has a couple pair left and would love more.


I totally agree with you

Cabin creek jeans and twill pants were the best fitting and longest lasting pants ever. Wish I could find them again.


I agree! Am disappointed. Everything is now catered to the young.


I agree bring back cabin creek


Upset also about Cabin Creek jeans only kind I like. With bad knees can’t wobble around everywhere looking for a replacement.


I agree too, my favorite casual pants.


I totally agree. But just ordered online. Too bad Penneys won't listen to custmers.


Where did you find them online?


Where did you find to order them?


Me too very disappointed about the Cabin Creek denims vanishing from the market.

JC Penney what has happened? will this type of pants will be substituted, similar from another brand?


I agree. Trying to find elasticized pants for my mother.

Why would u not carry cabin creek anymore? Bad decision


i am very disappointed that JC PENNEY does not carry Cabin Creek, i have worn the casual pants for years as work pants,very comfortable. i'm very disappointed in JC PENNEY to not cater to the people that really like some of there clothes.


I agree with her about Cabin Creek are they out of business?


Please bring back my favorite Cabin Creek pants!


I have for years bought cabin creek pants at Jc penny's very disappointed they no longer carry that line. Bring back the pants and I will return as a shopper!


Since JC Penney cancelled the Cabin Creek cotton/poly elastic waist women's pants and turtlenecks, I haven't been back to JC Penny, since that was the main reason I went to the store every month. If they bring back the pants and top without adding spandex into the pants; I will gladly come back to JC Penney and praise the store again to all my friends and neighbors.


JCP - Maybe you could tell us where we can purchase the Cabin Creek denims. I HAVE to have the TALL ones and prefer the elastic waist with no pockets!

Please respond: Marzenmar@***.com. Thanks


I have hunted and hunted for cabin creek pull on jeans! Didn't realize that JCP had discontinued them!

I am lost!! They were absolutely the best fitting jeans that lasted forever.

Have not been able to find anything in comparison. Hope they will eventually bring them back.


Love cabin creek. Please bring them back

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