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I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! I have been wearing their twill and corduroy pants for 25-30 years, and am absolutely beside myself wondering what I will do now for pants.

They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and looked professional at work (teaching) and casual enough for weekends and around the house. I seriously have no idea what I will order now, and am angry enough to cancel my Penney's charge account. I cannot be the only woman who feels this way, since I believe they were a popular item. I realize that most companies are trying to appeal to younger shoppers, but you are making a BIG MISTAKE ...

there are a lot of us baby boomers around with money to spend on products we like!! In case you have been living under a rock, by the way, there are more of us boomers than any younger mini generation, so why would you want to lose all of us as customers? I have been a loyal Penney's shopper since I was a teen myself, but I am extremely disappointed that my absolute favorite product has been discontinued.

I have already spent hours online trying desperately to find corduroy pants that are similar to Cabin Creek, and have had no luck yet. I would gladly do a free commercial for JCPenney, jumping for joy at the return of Cabin Creek pants!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Location: Lima, New York

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I will not shop and have cancelled my charge account with them. How does a store validate not carrying a dependable brand and leave us hanging?


I agree. Penny's is forgetting about us boomers that have money and different tastes than the milleniums.

I am sure they were best sellers. I know I bought 10 - 12 pair a year.


I agree. I like the pants for myself because they are so comfortable but they are perfect for my mother who is 92 and of course she needs some new pants and I can find nothing.

JC Pennys needs to figure out that those of us who are no longer interested in skinny jeans etc have more disposable income than the teeny boppers.

No wonder stores are closing. Only place to find clothes if you are over 45 is online.


I miss Cabin Creek pants for ladies. I have 5 pair of the white, 5 of the navy and 2 pair of the light brown and they never wear.I was so sorry when Pennys decided not to sell these and I have been looking high and low for some.Please let me know if you find anything close to the material they made them of.


I totally agree with these comments. Cabin Creek pants were a good seller - they were always out of my size.

They were great for work and I loved the jeans. I can not find another brand of khaki pants that fit like the Cabin Creek and that are as comfortable. JC Penny had a good thing going but someone made a very bad decision to discontinue this brand!!!!! Wonder why I don't shop at JC Penny now??

With all of the requests for them to carry this brand, one would think they would get smart and bring back this line.

Look at all of the comments and multiply that by an average of at least 5 pairs of pants. Look how many sales they are missing!!!


I totally agree with all these ladies about Cabin Creek jeans, why would J C Penney stop carrying something so popular, I can't find them anywhere and I can't find jeans that fit like they did, if they bring them back maybe they won't have to close so many stores..


I also have been very disappointed that JCP discontinued this brand. The cotton twill pants, shorts & capris were the best.

You could wash and wear them immediately and they were extremely comfortable. I loved them for all occasions and especially for travel.

I have spoken to several representatives at Penneys in person but they are all playing dumb about why they were discontinued. For goodness sake will someone listen to the public’s cry’s!!!!!


Try Lands' End


they don't have any thing in jeans that are pull ons for petite


I've been begging JCP to get these back for 5+ years but it seems they'd rather offer stuff that looks like it belongs to a refugee. I need shorts too!No wonder they are in trouble!


I also agree. I am babying my lastpair of cabin creek casuals.


I SO agree! Those pants fit very well.

I don't have the time to find an acceptible replacement!!! I've read that J C Penney is on a financial brink...could discontinuing such good lines be one reason?


I too loved Cabin Creek pants, i.e. jeans, cords, twill.

I have tried the pants being sold at Penney's and they just DON'T hold up in quality to Cabin Creek pants.

I echo the lady from Lima, NY about Cabin Creek pants.

I think the current management at Penney's should be FIRED for changing their clothing lines for the younger generations who don't shop or will not shop at Penney's in the first place.

I also let my credit account go bye bye, because they don't have the clothes I used to purchase. I now go to WalMart.


I too am very disappointed, these are the only pants I wear. I love the Cabin Creek twill pants. JCP you need to bring them back.


I agree about the Cabin Creek pants. They are the best and thank goodness I have a few of mine yet that I still wear.


To the person looking for cabin creek pants;

I know this is terrible; but I have the solution for you! Take your pants to a taylor & have a master pattern made of those pants.

Have one made that fits. Then have several made! I have done this many times & will do so with my mothers cabin creek jeans now..

It sucks I know.. But what other choice do we have?


I️ totally agree with these ladies. I️ am so disappointed.

I️ have not found any pants that compare.

I️ have tried many. I️ do not understand why you would quit making a product that is selling so well.


I also have wore cabin creek corduroy and twill pants for years. I have looked all over on line and in stores and finally had a clerk in Green Bay, WI tell me they have been discontinued!

I absolutely couldn't believe it--my favorite pants were no longer available! WHY? I can't believe JC Penney wasn't selling these great fitting and comfortable pants. I never found any like them either.

With winter around the corner I'd love to have some warm cabin creek cords. Disappointing for sure when something you love is gone!


Why have you gotten rid of these jeans. As the other lady stated, we, the older generation of ladies have money to spend and not the I am on welfare group that you seem to cater to.

Please bring back these jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are putting yourself out of business by not catering to the ones with the buying power!! Wise up!!!!!


I agree! Bring back the only jeans that fit well!

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