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I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! I have been wearing their twill and corduroy pants for 25-30 years, and am absolutely beside myself wondering what I will do now for pants.

They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and looked professional at work (teaching) and casual enough for weekends and around the house. I seriously have no idea what I will order now, and am angry enough to cancel my Penney's charge account. I cannot be the only woman who feels this way, since I believe they were a popular item. I realize that most companies are trying to appeal to younger shoppers, but you are making a BIG MISTAKE ...

there are a lot of us baby boomers around with money to spend on products we like!! In case you have been living under a rock, by the way, there are more of us boomers than any younger mini generation, so why would you want to lose all of us as customers? I have been a loyal Penney's shopper since I was a teen myself, but I am extremely disappointed that my absolute favorite product has been discontinued.

I have already spent hours online trying desperately to find corduroy pants that are similar to Cabin Creek, and have had no luck yet. I would gladly do a free commercial for JCPenney, jumping for joy at the return of Cabin Creek pants!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Location: Lima, New York

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I totally agree, I also have been wearing them 30 years.


Just ripped mine and need new ones. So annoyed that I can't find them now ...


Totally agree. What has happened to Penney's???


Maybe you should go try looking at the Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift stores to see if they have any pairs that someone has donated to them. Don't be surprised if they don't charge you alot for them though.

Especially if they find out that JCPenny has discontinued them. Also, you could try placing an advertisement in your newspaper asking if anyone has any unwanted pairs that they would be willing to sell to you.


I was just reading the post about cabin creek. I went to salvation army this morning and bought four pairs of cabin creek pull on Jean's.

They were half off and paid $3.15 each. You never know what you might find at Salvation Army.


What happened to the Cabin Creek pull-on knit pants? The most comfortable I ever owned & now JCP doesn't carry them anymore. Why?????


I cut my JC Penny card in half , paid it off & will never buy again til they get these cabin creek jeans back


I have the pull on corduroy in at least 15 colors. I also have the twill.


I too love cabin creek pants...I like the woman's jeans....have a difficult time finding jeans and these were perfect...


Thank goodness I have two of several of the colors. I can still wear my Cabin Creek cotton twill pants to work.

I hope they make it to my retirement! I've been wearing Cabin Creek for 25 years and was, like everyone else, devastated when JCPenney stopped carrying them. I am now down to my last pair of Cabin Creek Jeans. They are worn and on their last legs.

I did buy another brand off of Amazon, but they are so big in the legs they almost look like clown pants. JCPenney lost me as a customer when they dropped the Cabin Creek line. It is one of the only clothing stores left in our town other than Walmart, but I never shop there.

The few times I check in there, I have found not one thing I like. I hope JCPenney reconsiders bringing back the line - and made from the same type of fabric - not polyester!


Ditto. The JC Penney CABIN CREEK denim pants were always my go-to choice.


I have also used Cabin Creek tops and pull on slacks for many years--greatly disappointed.


Why did JC Penny stop carrying Cabin Creek pants. They fit and washed so well.

Big mistake JC Penny for doing this.

Hundreds of people depended on you. Please bring them back.


Have wore these jeans for 25 plus years. Cannot find anywhere.

The new CEO from Apple, Penney's hired 6-8 years ago destroyed the company, that included getting rid of the catalog. Store has never come back. I have not been in store since all the destructive changes. Today 02/03/20 Penny's stocks are worth 70 cents.

Fox Business put them on death watch. SAD.


bring back cabin creek slacks for women. my mom is 84 yrs old and that's all she wears, she needs new ones, shes driving me crazy trying to find them. way to go penneys!!!!


Ditto re:comment for Cabin Creek cords. They were the best pants I ever wore for the winter and was totally devastated when JC Penney didn't carry them anymore.

I also have not been able to find any pants even close to Cabin Creek. Very disappointed that Penney's would do this.


Same here! Best fitting Jeans ever. Please make them again.


Ditto to your comments posted just four days ago. I was hoping to find the same Cabin Creek pants and can no longer find them at JC Penney. Very disheartening.


I agree with everyone. My Cabin Creek twill pants are irreplaceable.

I've looked everywhere as well with no luck.

Very upset; this truly is a big mistake. Please bring them back!!!


i am too very upset that us women can no longer find Cabin Creek Twill pants. I've been wearing these pants for more that 20 yrs. Please, please bring them back!!

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