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I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! I have been wearing their twill and corduroy pants for 25-30 years, and am absolutely beside myself wondering what I will do now for pants.

They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and looked professional at work (teaching) and casual enough for weekends and around the house. I seriously have no idea what I will order now, and am angry enough to cancel my Penney's charge account. I cannot be the only woman who feels this way, since I believe they were a popular item. I realize that most companies are trying to appeal to younger shoppers, but you are making a BIG MISTAKE ...

there are a lot of us baby boomers around with money to spend on products we like!! In case you have been living under a rock, by the way, there are more of us boomers than any younger mini generation, so why would you want to lose all of us as customers? I have been a loyal Penney's shopper since I was a teen myself, but I am extremely disappointed that my absolute favorite product has been discontinued.

I have already spent hours online trying desperately to find corduroy pants that are similar to Cabin Creek, and have had no luck yet. I would gladly do a free commercial for JCPenney, jumping for joy at the return of Cabin Creek pants!!

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I shopped at JC Penney for years but I guess I will be taking my business else where! I have worn the Cabin Creek pants for over 20 years and now I am not sure what I am going to do, but I do know that whatever I do I won't be going back to JCP. That is very sad because 80% of the clothes in my closet were purchased at JC Penney.


The Cabin Creek line was phased out of the JCPenney store merchandise assortments about a year ago. Cabin Creek was a 'value priced' Private Label targeting the conservative and traditional customers in missy, petite, and plus-sizes.

For the last 40 years or so, JCPenney exclusively designed, manufactured and successfully sold huge quantities of pants, tops and sweaters with this label. However, last November 2011, I received a forewarning about the changes coming in the new year, when approximately 60 of the JCPenney Women's Apparel Buyers, Assistant Buyers, and their leaders, the Executive President and Vice President, visited the store where I was employed, to inquire about sales trends and mall competition. It was part of their usual round of visits to the stores at holiday time; they drop by 2 or 3 stores in each large metropolitan area across the country. So I inquired about the lack of shipments for the Cabin Creek pants; our racks of denim and twill pants were empty and our loyal customers were looking for the seasonal corduroy version at that time of year, which was missing.

The buying team was very rude with their reply. It seems like they had already been given direction by the new CEO Ron Johnson (he came on board last fall) about the type of female consumer he saw shopping in 'his store', and that they were to build their apparel collections around his 'vision' of the perfect female shopper. They told me that it was time for 'that basic pull-on pant with the elastic waist' to Die. They said that it would not even be offered on-line.

And finally they told me that they needed to utilize the space that merchandised the racks of Cabin Creek product for more updated fashion apparel, in order to attract a younger, more modern customer. We were instructed to direct any upset customers to the $40 elastic pull-on pants from Alfred Dunner. (Quite a price increase from the value priced $16.99/$19.99 of the Cabin Creek pant.)

So, there you have it. JCPenney does not exist anymore - it died too - it's now called 'JCP', and all of the portraits of the founder, James Cash Penney, were instructed to be removed from every store.

The new CEO, Ron Johnson, doesn't care about past loyal customers (nor employees), that successfully supported this 100 year old company. He is using the 4 walls of each store to create his vision of the modern department store; and no matter how much the sales, profit and stock shares drop with each quarter, he does not care that you - the Cabin Creek Customer -are no longer shopping in his store.

In his eyes, you don’t belong there. Nor did I – I was laid-off after 35 hard-working dedicated years - one of thousands nationwide.

@former employee

I have attempted numerous times to contact Ron Johnson. I'm really mot surprised all my requests went unanswered.

Although I was greatly disapppointed. The purpose of my inquiry was an attempt to find out why they no longer carried the Cabin Creek line. Perhaps it's time for "JCP" to return to their original traditions, first by replacing the pictures of the founder, along with his name & logo. Then they should think about all the loyal customer by bringing back the Cabin Creek line of clothing.

Once they have done that, they should replace Ron Johnson! I believe he is a disastor of a CEO, who does not care about the life long loyal cumtomers.

@unhappy customer

I agree with the comments about the discontinuation of the Cabin Creek brand, 99% of the clothes in my closet are from JCP - I hope they read these comments and return the clothes that the customers want.


As far as Cabin Creek this wasn't in JCP's control Cabin Creek quit making the clothes. Yes St.

Johns Bay is gone but has been replaced with some of the JCP Brand and also Made for life.

Worthington is still a major brand and not going away. Please don't hate us for the things not in our control.


did you or do you still work at JCP? If so, can you kindly enlighten us as to how we can contact the Cabin Creek company directly and just bypass JCP? I am really getting desperate now to replace old pants.


Worthington nor St johns bay is gone....if you don't know what you're talking about don't say anything....thank you a current employee of jcpenneys for 5 years

@A current ***ociate

I just bought some Worthington pants online, and received them this month. When did they go away, if they're still available?


J.C. Penny is No Longer for Old Ladies Says CEO Ron Johnson - Real Headline


worthington and St John's Bay are gone too. All the basic dependable clothes are gone.

Just shiney fancy club wear for teens. :cry

I went to buy fall and winter clothes. they lost my money.

I think this is the end of JCPenney. I gave my money to Landsend.


I agree and miss the Cabin Creek brand, too! I could always count on JCP to have decent quality, affordable clothing that was cute and comfortable.

I have quit shopping there since their big transformation because I cannot find a thing I like anymore.

They are now just like any other department store at the mall. Sad day.


I am also disappointed with JC Penney's.

The Cabin Creek capri pants (size 14short) was absolutely perfect for me.

Don't know what Penney's is trying to do but whatever it is it's not working. I haven't shopped there since they started their no-coupon sales strategy.

I was going to breakdown to get my capris but they stopped selling them. Penney's is going down and its their own fault!!!!!


We have started back coupons as of a month ago. Most of them you will get by email, in the mail, or online.

We will not be having them inside of the store. If you're not signed up to receive the emails or if you're not a reward member, then of course you're not going to receive coupons.