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I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! I have been wearing their twill and corduroy pants for 25-30 years, and am absolutely beside myself wondering what I will do now for pants.

They fit well, are extremely comfortable, and looked professional at work (teaching) and casual enough for weekends and around the house. I seriously have no idea what I will order now, and am angry enough to cancel my Penney's charge account. I cannot be the only woman who feels this way, since I believe they were a popular item. I realize that most companies are trying to appeal to younger shoppers, but you are making a BIG MISTAKE ...

there are a lot of us baby boomers around with money to spend on products we like!! In case you have been living under a rock, by the way, there are more of us boomers than any younger mini generation, so why would you want to lose all of us as customers? I have been a loyal Penney's shopper since I was a teen myself, but I am extremely disappointed that my absolute favorite product has been discontinued.

I have already spent hours online trying desperately to find corduroy pants that are similar to Cabin Creek, and have had no luck yet. I would gladly do a free commercial for JCPenney, jumping for joy at the return of Cabin Creek pants!!

Location: Lima, New York

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I totally agree. My mom can’t find any pants. I don’t know what she is going to do— walk around in pajamas?


I am disappointed also about the discontinuation of cabin creek jeans. Haven’t found any satisfactory jeans since


Try IZOD or LL Bean jeans - both are fantastic. However, IZOD is my current favorite!


JCP at Apple Bassam Mall in Virginia is great. I came to see the service of two ladies' working there ( Teresa and --) who both went above and beyond their regular duty.

They spent the time to assist me in fixing issues related to two Jackets purchased.

I offered them money and they refused and said this is their duty. They were really great.


She said it alllll!!!!!


Yes I agree I have been looking also . Have wore them for years. Love the corduroys wish they would sell them again.


Absolutely agree! If JC Penney would have kept some things like this instead of trying to be so hip maybe they wouldn't be in bankruptcy.

I used to buy all my clothes at JC Penney and now I never shop there any more. I can't be the only one.


Same here. I haven't been in JCPenney in well over a year. There is just nothing there for me either any more.




I agree, I don't shop there either!


I have been wearing Cabin Creek corduroy pants for years and they are worn out. Where can I find them?


Really miss Cabin Creek brand. Can’t find anything else at Penney’s.


Although I am not a baby boomer (a gen-Xer), I too have been wearing the Cabin Creek twill pants for years. I need casual dress pants for work and these fit the bill. Now, I cannot find any that I like.


I found something very close from Woman Within. I purchased on Amazon. I take plus size, so they many not be for you, but if that is what you need, check out "Woman Within Women's Plus Size Elastic-Waist Cotton Straight Leg Pant".


I miss CABIN CREEK JEANS, too. Looking all over for them.

My olds ones are about worn out and these were my favorite. Get them back on the market PLEASE!


I agree that that would be horribly disappointing, in fact I've had similar experiences with other brands. However, it may not be JCPenneys fault.

Possibly the manufacturer went out of business or just decided not to make them or that the fabric became too expensive, etc. There could be many other reasons.


I agree with this poster. I have been wearing these pants for ages, and I have at least a decade of buying ahead of me.

There are a lot of us out here. It does not seem wise to throw us away.


Miss this brand


you are the only one I am looking also same size.


I miss cabin creek they where my staple and now I need new and can't find them . If anyone out there knows a store that carries them please post it Thank you Julie

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