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Update by user Mar 11, 2013

Happily, I was able to order them online. I ordered multipacks and have about 1 year's supply. Yay!!!!

Original review posted by user Feb 06, 2013

Extremely disappointed that east 5th panty hose appears to b fading away. I depend on them immensely!

Now what do I do????? I am a 30yr. teacher who has just retired and these are the only pantyhose I wear. They give my orthopaedic legs and lower extremities the necessary support as I move about ,and are sheer enough to be flattering .

Although I have a less than arduous schedule, these days, I rely on them for dressy occasions and walking support, traveling, etc. Why do all of the excellent products disappear under the guise of commercial advancement.?Noone in the green Acres mall store, told me I could order them online.They just said they were discontinued, which put me immediately in panic mode!

I just made a desperate attempt to find them., but I can see that they are not easy to get.Please do whatever is necessary to keep this product alive. I know that I am not the only one who feels this way!HELP!

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