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I just moved here from Cedar Rapids Iowa and I bought a house in Folsom california. I always LOVED he Jc Penneys store in Iowa.

I began shopping at The Sunrise Mall Store In Citrus Heights California. I encountered the WORST customer service ever! The associates at the store were extremely rude, unfriendly and more interested in visiting with friends then helping the customer especially the mens department. I got fed up and asked to talk to the store manager but he was not around and told by 1 associate that he is a *** .

So I filed a complaint out ont he web site about it. I got a phoney e-mail back. Why do I say it was phoney - yes the store manager wrote he was sorry and would take care of the matter. Then 2 minutes later I got another e-mail from the corporate office between him ( Steve Phillips) and another lady Shannon saying it was written by an ex- associate for retailation.

I never worked for that store or company. If associates are retailating against him he must be a terrible man to work for or is just an excuse for his associates bad attitudes. It was a week ago I re wrote them telling I did not appreciate being told I was an ex- associate and have not heard anything back. Wrote to corporate office and have not heard back.

This is the worst example of Customer service.

I think that manager Steve phillips is very rude just like his associates in my own oppion.This is just my experience and views- not neccessarily the view of everyone. Just expressing my views like I have a right to do.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Manager.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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i dont work for them anymore but i used to work at jcp in roseville, ca, which is about 20 min away from the citrus heights store. one time i went to that store and let me tell you, i wanted to punch everyone by the time i left.

The lady who rang me up barely looked at me, i had a coupon (back when they still existed) and she said she couldnt use it. Then i whipped out my "i work for penneys at another location" card and said that we allow it at my store and should everywhere else too. by the way, i wasnt trying to scam the system just trying to use the coupon. Let me explain..the coupon i had was a 10$ off 25$ coupon.

the computer system there allowed the coupon to be scanned and used at $23.50 even if the total missed the pre tax mark of 25$. my total was $24.75 and she refused to do it. i was shocked! so then i said fine, and whipped out another 10$ off $10 coupon and handed it to that *** lady.

she looked at me like i was evil.

i said either way this is going t work. i walked away laughing and also saying "ill never buy there again" that store sucks and so do it employees, especially "management".


I also knew him years ago when he worked in Los Angeles. He was arrogant and flip then.

Why was he promoted? He was the wrong type of person to motivate minimum wage earners with positive leadership (unless you were a young, attractive female). The attitude of the store employees toward their customers is dictated by the store manager. I'm sorry that he did not evolve his people skills as he continued his career with JCPenney.

It's too bad that he was allowed to continue to create a hostile working and shopping environment, given the position that he had. Also, just to let you know, JCPenney corporate intervention on the behalf of a consumer complaint always favors the store employee.

He obviously received allot of complaints and has been successful blaming the issues on employees who were retaliating. Why did his employees need to retaliate in the first place?


You must be completely out of anything to do -- suggest you get a life.

JC Penneys pays next to nothing, then they beat any employee they can out of full time benefits to boot. So nobody kissed your royal *** while you were there? Big deal.

You got what THEY pay for. Lousy service. Shut up and go to Wal Mart that's where most of you crazies belong anyway.

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