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I am currently a JC Penney employee at store 0820 in Houston, Texas.I am filing a complaint for a fellow employee. She works in the lingerie department.

I am not exactly sure how to spell her name, but it is along the lines of Elisha. She works very hard in her department. She goes above and beyond every day that she is there but I have seen on multiple times were she has been completely disrespected or ignored by upper management. Today, she came in and informed her LOD that she was not feeling well and that her allergies were bothering her.

Her face was a little swollen, she barely had a voice, and she was moving slow. Her LOD MS.Kay informed her that she could not dismiss her,and the the LOD at the time said she could not leave. She continued to work even though you could clearly see she was very ill. She then again informed her LOD Ms.

Kay that she would not be able to come in the next day because she could feel herself getting sicker.She even checked out both the store manager, and assistant store manager, and neither asked if she was okay or if she wanted to go home because they could see that she was ill. Later in her shift the store got a phone call that she had a family emergency. She did not know who had called and tried to inform the LOD Michael that she had a emergency. He told her,"If someone is not in the hospital dying then you can not leave.

So you need to find a way to get in touch with somebody and see what was going on." I saw her close her eyes and pull herself together, attend to her guest with a smile on her face and keep going. She was very upset, but she continued to work. Towards the end of her shift Michael told her that if she was not in the hospital that she would have to come to work the next day even though he could see she was ill and was barely keeping it together. He handled her very harshly and did not care that she was feeling ill or that she had attempted to inform them that she knew she would be unable to make it the next day.

This is not the first time she had experienced this type of treatment, and she does not complain about it. She works hard, and I have even seen her either fix her coworkers mistakes or take the blame for their mistakes. I do not agree with the treatment she had been getting from upper management, because I felt that JC Penney was better company that understood their employees better.

She has been handled harshly on many occasions but after this one I felt the need to speak up. She is one of the few employees that do go above and beyond, and I feel that she was treated badly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Manager.

Reason of review: Upper Management.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Jcpenney Pros: Employees.

Jcpenney Cons: Upper management.

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Why can't this poor little baby stand up for herself?