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LONG story nmf blame them. 4 months ago I went to jcp bought a mattress.

Got it a month later and slept on it first night called next night was talked out of a rush decision was told give it time. I told her I'm on a ti.e limit but I give it another try. Meanwhile she NEVER wrote up my complaint no biggie I called but the end of the week BUT she wouldn't answer the phone. Next day samething so i called another number she said my associate was busy and said she wouldn't be the one to help me anyway for me to call the main number.

I called and they said I'd have to pay a restocking fee because I passed the time limit (even though I reported it immediately I had no proof thanks Sandy Dorman for NOT making the note!) $250. restocking fee is more than the wholesale price to make the bed!

I called next day ordered bed begged for restock fee tI be removed the guy got it done, ordered my new bed I hung up saw that he ORDERED THE SAME BED I HAD!! I went over it he repeatedly it YET still messed it up ON PURPOSE THE DEVIANT!! He never waived the fee he ordered it wrong so I'd cancel it..

note I'm disabled and I also have a camera recording my apartment from a peeping Tom BUT it records everything..

I called the next day got a girl who fixed it she canceled the bed he ordered and she reordered the new bed .

I was stressed and said idc about the price at this point but obvi I do cuz I live on $900. a month . I'm handicapped and get disability. Meanwhile I looked to see if there was was sale bc I CANNOT AFFORD $1400.


YAY FINALLY SUNSHINE! I call the grill says my manager says he will do it just this once?!

What its the law called raincheck besides I can cancel it and reorder!! Get the bill the sale price was not reflected on the bill I thought my fault I called again they fixed the price but bill came in and it went up $1000. I called again to contest the bill.

They fixed it but I had to use the card to pay off my sons loan for his bed he bought at bobs furniture $877.!

Im months in STILL HAVE THE ORIGINAL BED I DONT AND CANNOT SLEEP ON. I can't get out of the bed bc by morning I'm sunk deeply into the mattress and have nowhere to push myself up out and as I try to my hand sinks in deep forcing me to use sheer muscles I do t have also my disc's have been baring the weight of mh body all night and I can barely breath in. When I do it feels like my disc's are slipping. I'm sorry to be descriptive but put yourself in my shoes..

I've had to sleep in a recliner chair in my living room for so long. I need a bed.

I called AGAIN--> when is bed coming? They said "we can't locate the mattress right now, we will email you when we locate it." Note I've had emails from them each call almost EXCEPT the one FOR THE PRESIDENTS DAY SALE. The associate said she refused to said she couldnt do that.

Anyway I called back they said we already emailed you that the day before it WAS THE ONLY ONE OF THEIR EMAILS THAT LANDED IN MY SPAM FOLDER?

HOW? "WE COULD NOT LOCATE YOUR MATTRESS. The mattresses that were shipped are all acounted for except yours. Gives us more time to locate it.

Weeks later I call back as usual I have to run down my whole story she says can you hold 10min later I.

Sorry we can't even find your ticket.

We make tickets for orders and we cannot find it anywhere. I said so now what? She said we gotta cancel it and start all over I said ok whatever we gotta do I need the bed.

I realized upon hanging up it might be a ploy to not ho or the presidents day sale. So I immediately i called back and said how do you cancel an order you cannot find in the system?

She said blah blah blah I create a ticket blah blahzay blah!

So anyway you initially ordered the bed it was 1400 now you want a sale price that wasnt there.

Then I said I had a camera recording all calls she switched to oh no it automatically is applied. Dec 2021 till now NO BED

User's recommendation: Don't expect honesty or fair business practices.

Location: Springfield, Massachusetts

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