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My microwave went out on me so I decided to order a microwave from JCP and immediately they pulled the amount from my PayPal account.On Saturday 3/11 I placed an order for the stainless steel but my husband really liked the black stainless steel.

I called an hour later to switch the color and the young lady said I would have to cancel the order and reorder. Since I waited and hour to call she no longer had the ability to cancel the order. She said the department the information gets sent to takes up to 24hrs to show up in there system and since they're closed on Sundays I would have to call on Monday 3/13 to cancel the order. After talking it over with my husband, we really needed a microwave, I didn't want to order another microwave and have 2 pending transactions on my card so I decided to keep the microwave and never called back that Monday to cancel.

Plus the microwave was suppose to be delivered 3/15 so trying to cancel on the 13th was cutting it too close for me. 3/14 I call to get a time window for delivery for the next day and they tell me the order had been cancelled. No one notifies me of my order being cancelled no email no nothing. I end up talking to 3 different department with no one having any answers for me on why the order was cancelled and why I wasn't notified.

I guess the young lady took it upon herself to cancel the order without notifying me at all. At this time I'm not upset just a little disappointed because now I have to reorder a microwave and wait atleast a week for it to get delivered. An hour later I get a call from the delivery department confirming my delivery with a time frame for an order that was allegedly cancelled. I confirm the delivery and the next morning I get hit with another charge for the same microwave.

This charge is just for the microwave itself and not the install and haul away fees. Mind you I still have the other charge pending on my account from 3/11 that includes the microwave, the install and haul away fees. So now theres two fees for the same microwave. The delivery guys show up and measure the old microwave Im replacing.

He never removes the microwave and of course didn't haul it a way. He tells me the new microwave wouldn't fit in that spot. He never even removes the new microwave out of the box let alone attempt to install it. He shows me how to measure the microwave so I can get one that fits into the space.

They have me sign a yellow piece of paper stating they didnt install the microwave and they're taking the new microwave out the door with them. At this point Im frustrated at myself for assuming that any microwave would fit in the space I have. I take my tape measure and head to JCP so I can measure a microwave before I purchase it. They have the new microwave I bought on display and guess what the microwave measured in length the same exact measurement my old microwave measures out to.

Now I'm mad. I call the delivery department and explain to them what happened. She tells me the order had been cancelled so its no way the delivery guys attempted the delivery. I tell her look you guys charged me again this morning for the same microwave, the delivery guys were physically in my house and I have the yellow paper work to prove they left with the microwave.

Long story short on that conversation she tells me she can't send them back out because they shouldn't have been out making the delivery in the first place, even though I now have 2 pending transactions for the same microwave the very thing I wanted to avoid in the first place. I call JCP to tell them they need to release my funds. They said its nothing they can do because its still pending that it will fall of on its on. At this point I'm done with JCP I ordered a microwave from homedepot and as long as they release my funds I wasn't going to worry about it any longer.

3/16 I wake up to 2 more pending transactions the delivery fee and the haul away fee (my credit card notifies me of any transactions made on my account). I have a total of 4 pending transactions on my account from JCP on an order that was allegedly cancelled. Now I'm pissed. I have been calling JCP to make sure they don't make any more charges and to try to get them to release the hold they have on my credit card and again theres nothing they can do because its still pending.

This morning 3/19 I wake up and one of the charges is no longer pending it has been charged against my credit card and of course theres nothing they can do about it because today is Sunday. I have called my credit card company and they said give it 3 to 5 days to see if JCP will remove the charges on their own then they'll start a claim and I've started a claim through PayPal. Its ashame I have to go through this on an order that everyone says has been cancelled but they keep removing money out of my account for.

Buyer beware when with Dealing with this company.I have never in my life experienced anything like this and will never deal with JCP again.

Review about: Samsung Electronics Microwave.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $481.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Charging me for something i didnt receive.

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This is the original poster here.I got an email asking me to update my post.

After numerous attempts contacting jcp for them to resolve this issue and getting the run around for 5 business days after the money left my account I contacted my credit card company and they removed the charges. I started covering my butt when calling jcp and getting the run around by recording the conversations.

I let them know at the beginning of the conversation they were being recorded just so I had proof they were telling me that the order was in fact cancelled and they had the new microwave in their pocession.I have sence been switching out other appliances in my kitchen but have taken my business else where.

New York, New York, United States #1304804

That's such awful service it's almost comical.

to Anonymous #1304810

That's exactly why it's named Tyrone Appliances

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