We moved from our former residence of 10 years. A bill of 33.41 did not get forwarded by the USPS.

Collection agency wants payment of 75 minimum. Since I never received a bill (JCP still had our old address)I should not have to pay late fees and penalties. I have sent payment of 33.41. Requested and received copies of bills with old address on them.

We always pay bills on time but can't pay what we can't see. Seldom use JCP credit card and have since cancelled it.

Have an excellent credit score. JCPenney credit is serviced by GE Money Bank.

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I think all the ugly comments comes from bill collectors!


wow. ya shouldn't have blamed jcp for GE MONEY BANK's problem, thats extremely rude.


like everyone else said, it is your responsibility to know when your bills are due and pay them. if you want to stay in good standing you have no choice, you basically asked to be put in collections. but a helpful hint is that collection agencies will take what you can afford to give them, they just try to play hard ball.


YOU never changed you address with JC Penny, YOU never paid the bill.

The onus is not on them to find you and make you pay, the onus is on you to know what you owe and who you owe it to, any pay it.

Not changing your address with them? That is your fault, you are resonsible for all late fees.


Hi, I am curious of what happened? same thing is happening to me with the GAP....


Paying your bills is your responsibility. Your logic that "since I never received a bill..." is flawed.


You're a *** for not updating your contact information with every company you've got a financial tie to. You should pay every cent of 75 dollars. :roll

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