Gaithersburg, Maryland
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I used to like to shop at jcp but with all the new changes I don't really think I can continue doing it. They have reduce a lot of registers, you barely see personal around the store to help you; it seems they are trying to save some money.

The new Shops look very nice but the rest of the areas look so crapy that is kind of imposilble to shop. They not longer have good sales and coupons. what happening with JCP?

Who ever brought all this changes to this company is taking it downhill. So sorry for this company.

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I also use to like shopping at JCPenny's but the other night I went shopping there and everything has now changed.They use to carry Boy's Husky Carpenter Jeans and now they said they weren't going to sell them no longer.Not only that they now have all their jeans mixed up in the sizes which takes you longer to find the sizes you need.They use to have Brand names together and same sizes together.It took me forever to find out they no longer carry the Carpenter Jeans.My Family has always shopped at JCPenny's for these type of Jeans.I was so upset how they changed their store and now they don't sell what I want.Guess I will take my Business elsewhere to where it's not as hard to shop at and to where the store has what I want to buy.I agree I don't know who has made all of these new changes but it's going downhill fast.