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I called about my furniture that was shipped on 6/14. I called 6/14, 6/15.

6/16 (closed on the weekends), 6/19, 6/20 and today. Every day I called, I was told there was from a 13-minute to a 42-minute wait. I put the phone on speaker for an hour for each time that I called. Today I started with a 42-minute wait, but during a pause in the piano song, it magically hung up at about the 20-minute mark.

So I immediately called back and was informed that there was an 18-minute wait. 48-minutes into it and a representative answered and asked for the order number that I had orginally had to dial in before i was put on hold. She told me that that was "Furniture" and she would have to transfer me. I asked her if I can have that number and she said, "No".

I asked why and she said, because it's an internal number. I asked how does she dial it? She said, it's an extention. I asked her how long was the wait because I had been on the phone for an hour already.

I'm pretty sure she sighed, but she said, "There doesn't look like a long wait" and then transferred me where the same piano music is playing, while I'm typing this out. It has now been another 22-minutes and I'll finish typing when they answer........... "Thank you for your patience. Your call is important to us.

please remain on the line and a representative will be with you, shortly." (enter dreaded piano music)....Oh yeah, I'm at the 30-minute mark.......40-minute mark.....50-minutes...52-minutes!!!! "Furniture" says the delivery company "MXD" has been trying to contact me. I asked her what number and she confirmed. I said they haven't called me.

She said she was going to call them and see what's going on and put me on hold. She came back and said that she found out that my furniture is still being made. She went on to explain how normal it is for it to take over a month for delivery.

She also went on to say that there was no point in me checking the status of the delivery because I'll get the same answer and that I should just wait for the shipping company to call me to set up the date for delivery. SIGH!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Jcpenney Pros: Great deal on the furniture that i purchased.

Jcpenney Cons: Customer service and time for delivery or excuses.

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Does anyone know the name of this music?

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