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Jcpenney in Dallas, Texas - Jcp might go down

as a former employee I saw all the negative impacts the new pricing strategy had on customers...after being laid off along wih 60 plus associates...all I can say is in the store I worked at the store manager, i never saw her work, supervisors were kinda rude to customers and most of them wanted us to do their job, plus they made us watch videos from the new ceo and they wanted us to be all cheerful and applaud and adore the man...he came all simple dressed in the videos as if to make you feel he is like you....also management theyy would always say in the morning meetings we were not associates but their business a$%%...all I can say most of the snitches kept eir is going down with their new marketing...everything is more expensive and cheap quality.
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JCPenney became an awful, cheapy imitation of Target. The quality of everything is way down - shoes, clothing, jewelry, everything.

The styles are awful teenage styles that are designed to be worn once and thrown away. I've been shopping there for about 20 years, but no more.

No self-respecting woman over 30 would wear this junk! It was good till it lasted but now I wouldn't care if it goes out of business...


I work at jcp and I don't really see any of this negativity in our store. Most of our customers are loving the new pricing system.

I worked on the team that repriced everything. We touched every piece in the store and put new pricing on them. Everything in the store is priced down everyday to that of the coupon price or pretty close. We carry the same brands that we always have it is true we are dropping a couple of bigger brands only because they didn't sell well anyway and we will be replacing them with others and I think you will be happily surprised by them.

I feel that people just don't like change and that is the problem.....think outside the box and you will see that a lot of things as far as the customers side is better for them. Yes we have lost a lot of people and that is a sad thing. This is what happens when a company reorganizes, we see this all over the country. The fact is it is reorganize or possibly go out of business.

I would think the reorganization is the better choice. Come on people use your brain.


Fair and square my ***. What a disasterous advertisment scheme obviously designed by a MAN who has no idea what women want.

Fire this pompous *** and replace him with a woman. Bring the old JCPENNEY back--it worked for decades so dont ruin a good thing.

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Bought a recliner from JCPenney and it is faulty and they will not take it back

I purchased a recliner for my mother-in-law for Christmas. When we gave it to her she seemed to like it but the more she sat in it the more uncomfortable it became. You can feel the boards in the arms and footrest. As a matter of fact she has a sore on her arm from the chair. I called and want to return the chair and they informed me they have a no return policy. I would not have purchased the chair had I know this because it was a gift. They advised me it is on the reciept, which they hand you in a nice pamphlet so you can not see it. They should have advised me of the no return policy and also pointed it out on the reciept and sign it. I have called the store and the furniture store and was told a manager would call me back from both placed and that have been over 30 hours ago.
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I bought two rocker recliners and chose them because they were very comfortable. a necessity for me due to illness.

The chairs they sent were not at all the same chairs i had chosen at the store>After much arguing and complaining I was allowed to pick two new chairs but when they arrived they were even harder in the seats than the two I sent back. I am stuck with chairs I cannot use because Penny engages in the old bait and switch scam.I will never spend another dime with those crooks.

I had been a loyal customer for over 50 years. Kiss my *** Pennys.

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