Purchased a sectional sofa from JCP, that was required to be special order for the color. Was told it would take 8-12 weeks.

It took several weeks longer, and when I called to check on the delay, they informed me they didn't have my phone # right in their system. 1st problem. Then... I get the sectonal delivered and notice issues with the fabriac and seaming right away, not happy.

Delivery guy calls the customer care and they offer to give us back $300 if we will keep it as is, but ensure us that it doesn't void the warranty if there are any further problems. Within maybe a month or two, I notice several more spots where the seams are coming part and even a spot where the stitching pulled so tigh, a hole was created and anotehr one in process. I call the customer care and they inform me some guy has to come out and write up a report and they will get back with me...turns out they don't make that sofa anymore (probably cause it's a piece of ***) so they tell me I can pick out another sofa (mind you, I have to return the $300 credit to them, and if the sofa I select cost more, too bad for me. After going to JCP, I find the only 2 sofa's that are even near what I originally selected cost a couple hundred $$ more.) I talk with a manger to see if they can assist me by at least waiving the delivery fee to cut the cost a little - they say no.

They will not do anything for any of my inconveniences, now it is the holiday's, I have this piece of *** furniture, & can't get them to assist me with a new one.... I inquire if they will just rfund me the difference (less the $300 credit) and they can just come pick-up there sofa (so I can look elsewhere for a replecement) at which time they tell me first I have to send the a reimbursement check for the $300 and then they will turn back around and reimburse me the full amount for the sofa?!?!? So now I am expected to take another step to pay them so they can pay me back..

.WTF? All I can say is I will NEVER buy anything from JCP again, especially furniture, and I will be sure to let all my friends and family know how awful their quality and customer service is.

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