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Originally they were the JCP brand and Stylus replaced them. Stylus jeans fit me perfect.

Is there a replacement? I cant find any other jeans that fit me. Anyone reading this that knows of a brand that is the same style and fit as Stylus let me know. I am desperate!!!

I need a replacement. Can I get them from another store other than JCP? Is there a web site where I can purchase them?

I really hope someone responds to this. I called JCP customer service and they had no idea what was going on and suggested I try to find them online but I haven't had any luck with that either.

Reason of review: discontinued.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Very Frustrating. I love my Stylus Jeans.

They are the only brand of jeans I have found that fit perfectly. Where can I find them now?


я ничего тоже не нашла купить их не где , я от них в восторге а купить не могу !!!!


Ughhh I’m so sad. These were the only jeans that ever fit me well.

I was hopping to get some I.

The next size down. Anyone find a replacement that fits almost the same.


Seriously!! JC Penny!! If you won’t sell them to us anymore, tell us where we can buy them!!


Penny's will not learn. Before it ruined everything with "Do the Math," and now they discontinued the only jeans that ever fit me properly (5'2", size 2, hips same measurement as waist, and skinny legs).

Thanks Penny's. I know longer have any reason to go back there.


Just came from JCP looking for Stylus jeans because I have 2 pair of shorts. I love how my shorts fit so was excited that I could get jeans that comfortable.

Loved how my shorts fit lower on the waist and don't cut me in two when I sit down. I was very disappointed that they were no longer carried.

I asked am employee and she was just as disappointed. Tons of Ana stuff but I don't like the brand.


Yes I loved jeans they fit really well , because iam a plus size can weget them back.


I just now checked JCPenney for stylus jeans and can’t believe they didn’t have them anymore!!!!! I love those jeans.....I have several colors already but I was hoping to buy a few new ones!!! This is really upsetting.


I agree!!!! Why did you discontinue the stylus colored jeans!!!!


Can’t stand all these new buyers they hire for the stores. They ruin the department stores.


I keep checking back, hoping they return, but not so far and I am running out of jeans! No idea what I am going to do!


I Heyyy! What happen with Stylus bran !!!!!!


Same here!! I don’t know what to do!!


I LOVE Stylus ANY pants! They fit perfectly! I'm so upset they're no longer selling them!


I am looking for a replacement for the Stylus jeans as well.


I m looking for them too. Have 3 pairs but i need some new. I really wish JCP would sell them again


I seem to have bad luck with Jeans... First I found and fell in love with the JC Penney ones...those got discontinued.

The. I found and fell in love with the stylus brand.... Those got discontinued. Then I found Nd fell I love with the Denizen brand at target...now those are discontinued....

I give up. So frustrating!


Stylus jeans for talls were the best. Why did JCP discontinue these jeans.

Do you know hard it is to find jeans for someone that has a 37 inch inseam. I have tried your other styles, they don't cut the mustard.


Wow is totally correct thy are/ were the best fitting jeans if they wanted to get rid of a brand why not something else St John or one of the newer line. There jeans selections stinks now. JCP was my go to store, now all their tops have the same styles


Yes! Best fitting jeans for my body...

ever. Period.

At any size. The a.n.a jeans are awful bc the waist is way tight compared to the rest of the jean.


I wish they would bring them back they seriously are the best fitting jeans I would always get compliments on how well my jeans seems to fit

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