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Originally they were the JCP brand and Stylus replaced them.Stylus jeans fit me perfect.

Is there a replacement? I cant find any other jeans that fit me. Anyone reading this that knows of a brand that is the same style and fit as Stylus let me know. I am desperate!!!

I need a replacement. Can I get them from another store other than JCP? Is there a web site where I can purchase them?

I really hope someone responds to this.I called JCP customer service and they had no idea what was going on and suggested I try to find them online but I haven't had any luck with that either.

Reason of review: discontinued.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hi, did you found some jeans similar?


Ordered 9 other types from JCP. All others are going back today. Will try Kohls and Macys next for a Stylus replacement.


Have yet to find Stylus jeans anywhere!!!I love their fit and wanted more.

Now I’m screwed.Thanks JCP!!


OMG these are the only jeans that fit me good!I am sooooo pissed off!

WTF am I gonna do now!Another BIG mistake JC Penney!!!


That is the only jeans that fit me too. Have not found anything comparable.


I also have been searching all over for the stylus skinny jeans they were the only ones that fit me right now i cant find anything that fits like Stylus :( I am so disappointed in JC Penneys. I am no longer going to shop at JC Penneys . :(


Noooooooo!!!!!Why oh why does this happen to me all the time?

Just when I find the perfect fitting jeans.Sad!


Try A.n.A jeans. I think they are made by Stylus. The markings inside the waist are the same.


Not going back to JCP after discontinuing stylus jeans.Nothing else fits me right.

Ana brand is not the same.

I can not find a replacement, very disappointed.That was my favorite place to shop.

to Anonymous ex customer #1440964

I agree. ANA run small.

to Anonymous ex customer #1441043

Totally agree

to Anonymous ex customer #1441263

I agree stylus jeans were the perfect fit ana does not fit well for me. I am so disappointed!


If anyone finds a similar fit, please comment! I am also having a very hard and discouraging time finding a replacement.


Why stop carrying stylus, only ones that fit me right


I tried to find them online; and they are available as pre-worn on Poshmark and ebay.Who wants pre-worn!

Why did JCP take away something that worked for a lot of their customers.

ANA just doesn't cut it.

That's all I have.Good luck!


I had finally found my perfect jeans!!I had every type of wash and the colored Capri jean for summer.

Why are they discontinued?

Don’t try to fix something that’s not broken!!Didn’t JCP learn their lesson ??


JCP discontinued the amazing Stylus jeans and jean shorts.I was told it was replaced with the stupid ANA brand which don't compare.

Too bad, must be why stores are closing because they get rid of what customers like.Won't shop there anymore!!


They discontinued them and replaced them with the *** ANA brand.Which fits NOTHING like Stlyus brand at all!

Those were the best shorts and perfect length.I haven't shopped there since I found out the brand was discontinued.

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