Watsonville, California
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I purchased $51 worth of merchandise almost a week ago and not only did it take 2 days for them to actually have a tracking number but they shipped it UPS Surepost, which relies on the post office for the last leg of the shipment. One would think that the $8.95 they charged shipping (which amounts to 15% of the purchase price) would be the regular UPS service and not the cheap version.

I sure hope I don't have to return the merchandise because I'll bet I'll have to lay out another $10 to get it back. Clumsy me, I forgot why I don't shop at JC Penney.

Overpriced, slow service, *** merchandise. What's not to hate?

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Jcpenney Cons: Slow expensive shipping.

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Its been 9 days since my order. Its had a tracking # for 2 days now.

2 of my items have been cancelled in the last 2 days because they are sold out.

They weren't sold out when I made my purchase 9 days ago. I need a new place to shop.


Took 8 days for them to ship. A full day has passed and the tracking still shows nothing so I dont even think it has technically shipped only the printing label created.

Ughhh. And they wonder why they are hurting for business...


i, too, ordered an item from JC Penney.

took them 3 days before they actually shipped item, and then by FRUSTRATINGLY slow UPS surepost that adds 2 - 3 days of shipping time.

i, too, paid $8.95 shipping / handling. a BIG ripoff.

turns out the item shipped from a distribution center 40 miles from my residence and took 8 days to travel that distance.

i will never order from JCPenny again !!


I agree, my package has been 20 minutes away from me since September 2nd, but has not been sent out for delivery yet. This is horrible.


DITTO. Absolutely ridiculous!

Expensive, slow and not even UPS or FedEx...stuffed in the mailbox by mailman. Really quite pathetic.

It's no wonder they struggle nationally. Just a matter of before this company is a relic of the past.