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Sephora at JC Penney engages in deceptive business practices. My in-law knows I love Sephora.com and wanted to get me a g.c.

She is not computer savvy so she went to Penneys where they have a Sephora dept. The card came in a Sephora Store bag which was imprinted with "Sephora.com". It came in a Sephora gift box with the Sephora mirror which I have received before. On the back of the gift box is "Sephora.com".

On the face of the gift card is the Sephora logo. Only difference, it says Sephora inside JC Penney. When I tried to use this "Sephora" gift card on Sephora.com it was invalid. Took me almost an hour to figure out the issue.

On the back of the card in tiny print....can't use at Sephora stores or Sephora on-line. REALLY? A Sephora gift card I CAN'T USE AT SEPHORA? This is nothing more than a Penney g.c.

with a Sephora logo in Sephora packaging. My in-law was not told I could not use it on-line. The Penney store does not carry what I use.


This person wrote the review because of not as described of jcpenney gift card from Jcpenney. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $75 and wants Jcpenney to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was mislead about gift card and sephora inside jc penney. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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I agree with your comment. It is deceptive. Both JCPenney's is being deceptive and Sephora is being deceptive.


Thank you for your post. I just noticed that the card said Sephora at JC Penny, found your review and looked at the fine print.

It's 2 years later from your post and the sales people STILL don't give you a heads up it's only good at JC Penny. If I can't return it I'll use it myself but it will be the last time I shop there.


My in-law purchased this gift card at the actual JC Penney store in our local mall.I asked my in-law if she was advised by the employees at the Sephora store if the gift card could only be used to purchase merchandise at the Sephora store INSIDE JC Penney.

She said no one told her that the gift card was ONLY GOOD to use at Sephora locations INSIDE JC PENNY. If you buy a Sephora gift card it should be good at ANY Sephora location and at Sephora.com which is where I do 100% of my Sephora shopping.

The card is ONLY good at JC Penny. To me that is deceptive.

If the website says you can use the gift card at Sephora.com then they are incorrect. In small print on the back of the card it says you can NOT use it at Sephora stores or at Sephora.com.

That is why I am upset. Hope this clarifies my issues.

And thanks for the thoughtful constructive reply.

to Anonymous #1084009

So what you are saying is your in-law grabbed a regular jcp gift card that legitimately can be used at the Sephora in store. How do they know she wants one that can be used outside jcp.

You say she wasn't advised but you don't say she asked if it could be used outside the store. People love to say no one told me instead of being proactive taking responsibility and asking. Ever heard the saying "you know what hapoens when you assume?" Soooo next question. What did Jcpenney say or are you still just being a big baby?

I don't care if you like my reply or not. You say the website is lying but you don't know that because she got you a store gift card.

Especially since you haven't proven *** and you obviously haven't even brought it up with Jcpenney yet. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to buy a gift card but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to post a *** complaint either.

to Anonymous #1096861

Wow, *** comments below. Same exact thing happened to me this Christmas.

My husband bought $400 worth of gift cards from our JCPenney Sephora. No one bothered to tell him that you couldn't use them online or in a freestanding Sephora store. How in the world would he know to ask that question? He thinks the store is Sephora, and he thinks he is buying a Sephora gift card.

I agree with you 100%!! And the other comments are so rude!!!!!

What did you end up doing?

My husband went back and tried to return the gift cards, but obviously they wouldn't let him. They were like "oh gee, sorry."

to Anonymous #1097206

The Sephora store inside Penny's apologized and said a lot of people were having that same issues but there wasn't anything they could do about it. I ended up buying some stuff from that Sephora store and a few shirts from Penny's.

I also contacted the Sephora website and they are aware of this issue. It appears that this has been an ongoing problem and a lot of people are not happy.

There needs to be something on the actual gift card that states "This is a JC Penny gift card and can only be redeemed at JC Penny - This card cannot be used at Sephora.com or any freestanding Sephora location".

to Anonymous #1410291

I was told as long as go to jcpenny.com then click on Sephora you can use it online. We have done it a few times. Good luck!


How do you know what your in-law who is not "computer savvy" was or was not told? If you buy it from the jcp site it says you can use it online, in stores and at sephora.com. Why don't you ask your in-law where they got it and what they bought before you come on here looking ridiculous!

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