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If I could rate negative stars I would. My boyfriend purchased me a Sephora gift card for my birthday from the Sephora inside JC Penney the sales associate did not tell him nor does it state anywhere other than fine print on the back of the card that it can only be used at Sephora inside or online at jc Penney.

After they refused to let him return the card I made an online purchase after much searching because there is a HUGE inventory difference between jc Penney sephora and Sephora online or in store. I am a very frequent and loyal customer of sephora. Because this card had to be spent through jc penney, I did not receive the "ponits" or samples with my order, which is a huge incentive in purchasing through them. Additionally, I have paid for 2 day flash shipping with Sephora which I also was unable to utilize.

I made my online purchase on 11/18/17 and it was stated that the expected arrival date would be 11/29/17-12/01/17. It is now 12/2/17 and my order has just now been shipped. I have NEVER made an online purchase from ANYWHERE and had it take 15 days JUST TO SHIP. It is totally disgusting that a company of this size, with obvious means to handle their order process far more efficiently and to not take advantage of people like my boyfriend when the poor thing had been working out of town for over two monthaamd spent what little free time he had while working there to try do something nice for me and who clearly would have NO idea that the card could only be used at JC Penney or anyone for that matter as it does not state ANYWHERE IN the store, on the gift card display OR online that that is the policy...

only in fine grey print on the back of the card, i can only imagine how many other people have had expiriences like this because of the lack of honesty about this policy. The sales associates that we had interacted with very clearly lacked the knowledge that any sales associate should have. When he initially went in to purchase it, the sales associate did not even know where the gift cards were located. Then the manager he spoke with when trying to return the card was beyond rude, and basically told him he was stupid for not knowing that it could only be used in jc Penney.

I cannot understand how or why jc Penney is still in business when this is how they handle their order process and their customer care. I will NEVER purchase anything from JC Penney again, I will make sure that anyone I know never makes a purchase from ever again.

Quite frankly, I hope JC penney is the next to go out of business because no one deserves to waste their money on endless frustrations and horrible customer service. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE FROM BEGINNING TO THE END.

Review about: Jcpenney Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have the same dilemma. Have a Sephora gift card bought from inside the JC Penney, only because the person who got it for me does not live anywhere near a free-standing Sephora (and also had no idea about this silly policy)

I thought of one potential solution after doing a little research: I could use the gift card up for Sephora products inside the JC Penney location.

Then, maybe a few days later, return the same products to a free-standing Sephora location. My understanding is that all Sephora locations will accept return of their products regardless of where they were purchased from.

I then HOPE to get a refund in the form of a Sephora GIFT card (don't do the store credit as you can't use it online, another silly policy) if I can do that then I can use the full amount of my gift at any Sephora location and also online.

The only potential hiccup to this idea is if they insist that I only be given store merchandise credit instead of a gift card.

While this would be a bit better than my current situation as it would allow me to shop at the regular Sephora stores, it still prevents me from any online shopping (sometimes there are certain products you can only get online). I've heard that employees will gladly order a product online on your behalf if it is not available in-store, then you come back a week later or so to pick it up, so I guess I could do it that way (though certainly not as convenient as ordering online myself and having it shipped directly to me)


Sephora inside JCP GCs do in fact state that they can only be used in JCP locations.

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