I was very ill and didnt get my check in on time to pay my little bill. It was only a few days late.

My new bill had $35.00 late charges added to my less than $50 balance. No explanation. When I researched how to protest this incredibly insane late charge I was given instructions that would befuddle a rocket scientist. forbidden from telephoning, I was told to write a letter with all details and then maybe it would be taken under advisement.

In my long life I have never been charged such an exhorbitant late charge. They bank on you not having the time or wherewithall to write a letter and risk your credit rating and just paying their blood money.

What the heck is going on at Penneys. This the latest in their bad business practices.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Synchrony bank's website is notoriously difficult to even get on to pay a payment. For some reason, I don't get all the statements either.

I've had to change my password so many times to get access to the website. It's like the password is only good for one session.


I was billed in June of 2016. My balance was $38.39.

They sent the bill to an address I had two years prior and kept sending it there until December. In January, I received a letter from FMR, collection agency, that I owed $219. and change.. There rest was all interest and late fees.

I. contacted FMR and requested copies of all the bills, which they sent to me. When I tried calling JCP and Synchrony, these both said they couldn’t discuss my account because it was in collections. I sent a letter and all my documentation, including my post office change of address form which was from Dec 2014 to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Since this had affected my credit score, I contacted the three credit bureaus and filed complaints before I contacted CFPB. So, the outcome? I won. This will be erased from my credit score.

Guess what else? JCP is billing me again, after I paid my 38.39. I called them. I explained my situation to the customer service person.

She took off the New Late Fee and Interest. I had actually sent the check to the wrong Synchrony address. So they were checking into it and would move that payment to JCP. But the new bill was $325.

I’m trying to get in touch with the person at Synchrony who sent me the letter stating I was in the clear. Twice via Voicemail. No response. Certified letter next because unless they fix it to stop billing me, here I go again!

Interesting to hear that others have been affected starting June 2016. JCP used to be with GE Capital. Apparently they switched to Synchrony a couple years before. That’s what one person told me from one of my phone calls...

fight it guys.

It’s not right. CFPB fixed it for me

Bennington, Vermont, United States #1004952

I paid my bill early for June. It was due on the 25th, and I paid it on the 3rd because I had the money and wanted to get ahead.

When I get July's bill, there is a payment due of $78.00 Instead of the $35 it should be. They applied the payment to May and are charging me a penalty for no payment in June. Imagine that being penalized for paying my bill early!!

Good practices to keep your customers happy. I'm paying this off and done forever with J C Penney's and their shady practices.


is JC penny with Synchrony Bank? or with GE Capital?

Whenever a business switches banks, it is by law that they are mandated to notify you by later to give you an opportunity to decide to do business with them.

So as of March 2015, what bank are they using?

Many banks have a courtesy of removing the fee. As a matter of fact, I called in a payment to JC Penny December 2013, ON TIME, and was told suddenly that if I use customer service that I would get charged, only for that month, trickery, so I used the "voice activated choice" was given confirmation....letters. Suddenly, started receiving harassing phone calls in January and was told I never made a payment.

I will never make payments over the phone with them. I go into the store, old school. I never have that problem with Macy's, although, I don't shop there because they are too expensive.

You non-compassionate idiots about not giving people a break...I have no use for people like you.

You're probably Christians, or Republicans! and, by the way, I do believe in God, just not hypocrites!

London, Kentucky, United States #944198

ALL the banking institutions (not just JC Penny) are getting filthy richer by charging people with these so-called "late charges." I got hit twice with late charges. Anything can cause a payment to be a few days late, example: sickness, loss of income, mail delayed, etc etc.

The banks are robbing the people with these sky-high late charges.


**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 161514_PC_Anonymous**

I’m sorry you have experienced issues with your Synchrony Financial account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns.

Please email me at ask.synchrony@synchronyfinancial.com with your name and phone number.

A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



Synchrony Financial


Here we go again. Another 'customer' pissed off because they did not pay their bill on time and think they should be entitled to having the late fee taken off.

The JcPenney stores are not in charge of your credit card account, Synchrony Bank is. Late means late, it does not matter if its one day, a few days, or a week and the banks have every right to charge you with a late fee.

Don't blame JcPenney or Synchrony Bank for YOUR mistake. Learn how to be a responsible adult and pay your bill on time and then you won't see late fees.

to Grow up #1170036

Wanna bet!! My fiance paid off his card in full 20 days before the bill was due and by in full I mean a bank check for the entire $2612.00, first they lied and said they never got it, US Bank said the *** you didn't get it and you cashed it, to which Jc Penny/Synchrony Bank replied :"ooohhh that check, yeah we cashed it but it could take 7-14 days to apply it to your account.

They cashed the check 4/23/2016 and as of today 6/7/2016 not 1 penny has been applied to his account and they have hit him with not 1 but 2 late fees and hit his credit with a report of non-payment and why SO THEY CAN SCAM ALL THE INTEREST THEY CAN AND TACK ON MORE BOGUS CHARGES, so don't you dare say someone is whining after paying late or not paying because my future husband has NEVER been late with one payment and this is how they repay a great customer!! Well I filed a complaint with the BBB and our MN Attorney General Lori Swanson and I hope both JC Penny and Synchrony Bank get the book thrown at them!!


All the stores that use this bank have made billions in "Illegal late fees" among other "Illegal Charges" just look at the documents listed on these review numbers listed here. Also, you might want to check all your statements from any of the stores that have this "EVIL, VILE, CORRUPT, EVIL" bank they to have made billions in "Illegal Fees" & continue to merrily go along with no end in site.

Just go & read some of the stores that do business with this bank on Rip-Off Report #1140625 where this employee tells you what they do.

You can also view the clip on You Tube


If it doesn't come up just look for the "Green Snakes" in images

Please go & look at these documents on reviews on this website review numbers #520251 #522235 #525951 #525014 #488834 #489486 #431442 #408105 These all have actual documents from these EVIL CROOKS All of these documents along with statements from people from GE Capital Retail Bank, GE Money Bank, GE Capital Retail Money Bank now Synchrony Bank the fourth name change speak for themselves.

They put accounts overdue as early as three days before the due date What do you think about that? Just go read some of the horror stories people post these are some of my posts which I still continue to post when necessary.

They lie and lie and lie no matter how much there is in writing and proof they just lie. Will it get better no hasn't gotten better since 2011 still going strong. They are now trying to get rid of "Class Action Lawsuits" they don't like paying the billions & millions they have to pay more then two to three times or more a year for their "Illegal Business Practices". They know that if people have to take them to small claims court most won't because they don't have the time or money to do so.

Therefore making it easier to continue to "RAPE" the customer. I just kills me when they apologize why they apologize is beyond me they keep doing the same thing over and over and over again. If they were truly sorry it would not continue but it does. These are the some of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which I refer to as The Confused Financial Pissonyou Bureau that is what they do #520251 and #397877 "Pissonyou" The one from an GE Capital Retail Employee is on Rip-Off Report#1140625 This has been going on since 2011 for me & continues to grow strong all the time with more lies & fraud disgusting really.

Who is on the take here I do not know but for a corporation such as this to get away with what they are doing have done & will do is beyond me & in my opinion someone has to be on the take here what other explanation could there be really? Do they really think that the American people are ***?

I think they do & are in for a rude awaking when they find out we are not ***! We are tired & fed up!

to dklisiak #925935

I have had a JcPenney credit card for almost 10 years now and I never have problems with them or Synchrony Bank.


Ummm...if you actually read the terms of the account it explains the late fee definition. It clearly states a $35 charge if not paid by the due date.

Every credit card does this. All you have to is pay the bill on time...not difficult. Banks don't care if you're sick. A little advice...write out a check, put it in the provided envelope along with your stub, place a stamp on the envelope, and put it in the mailbox 10 days before the due date.

Also, you can call the number on the back of your credit card and pay by phone. Lastly, you can pay online.

So many options. No reason for a bill to be late.

to sofia #925725

You must be one of the lucky ones especially from what the employee at GE Capital Retail Bank stated in Report # 1140625 on Rip-Off Report. This is the most corrupted bank out there & so are the stores that use them.

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