Richardson, Texas

I live in a rural area. We do have a JC Penney store.

I went today to do some shopping to purchase a new pair of jeans and possibly some tops. Our local store carried plus size womens clothing in the past and I have always been able to get the jeans of one particular brand that fit well and they have always had my size in various styles. They also carried Liz Claiborne in a variety of styles. Today I am told that they have discontinued the plus sizes and I could shop online.

Mind you, the next nearest JC Penney store is over 100 miles away and I don't want to shop online at this time. I am very displeased with their decision to remove them from my local store, especially since our shopping is extremely limited in our area.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Jeans.

Monetary Loss: $40.

  • Rural area
  • local store
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"The new CEO, Ron Johnson, hopes to attract a younger, hipper client to JC Penney's" Why did they think hiring an Apple geek as JCP CEO would work? He is trying to "fix" something that wasn't broken.

Get rid of this clueless twit before JCP self-destructs.


America is getting larger: and 62% of the female population is categorized as overweight. Amazingly, new CEO Ron Johnson has stubbornly eliminated the successful plus size business, thus eliminating about 30- 50% of the female shopping population in each store. You would think that, with unprecedented sales and profit losses for the year, he would protect this profitable and growing business.

For years, the JCPenney women’s apparel buying teams have been working very hard to fine-tune and exploit this business. They were successful in both the metropolitan and rural markets. But now… new CEO Ron Johnson is removing a very successful plus size business from his company, because this customer does not fit the profile of who he wants shopping in his stores. Also, he needed to make room to sell ice cream and coffee (see below).

The 100 year old JCPenney company does not exist is now called 'JCP', and the original founder's portrait of James Cash Penney, was instructed to be removed from the stores. The new CEO, Ron Johnson, hopes to attract a younger, hipper client to JC Penney's. He is remodeling its retail spaces to include a "Main Street" of 100 branded shops with new lines from ‘edgy’ fashion designers, catering to a younger, SMALLER, consumer. Along those "streets' will be ice cream and coffee bars and wood tables with built-in iPad tablet computers that shoppers can use. In the middle of it all, a Town Square will offer activities like Pilates.

The CEO has recently stated that he "will adapt content to markets based on what the demographics are," and that "small towns won't be receiving the full makeover in their stores." However, by eliminating his plus size business, especially from a market like you are describing in your very valid complaint, he is already not being truthful about his ‘makeover’ strategy. What a mess he is making of this once great American retail institution.


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