I placed an order on May 8th. I received the wrong items but was charged for the right items.

Yesterday, when I called the so called supervisor lied and told me that I would be refunded and had to repurchase the same items. I was refunded part of the money and charged even more money for the same clothes I already paid. Basically I was scammed by JC Penney. I am going to report it to the BBB.

I would like the Oder canceled that he placed yesterday.

It looks like the wrong items as well. Please return my money ASAP. I will not shop at this store again.

Today they say the sale never existed. The reps actually said that they do believe me.

I am highly educated. Most people will never make it to my level of education. I am not someone who cannot afford clothes training to get free items. I do not lie to people.

Please do not judge me before you know about me. I should not be a victim of your scam.

I know that I am not crazy. I have a doctorate degree to provide it.

User's recommendation: Do not shop at JC Penny online.

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