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I ordered a dryer from JC Penny online. I called prior to delivery to find out if I needed to have my old dryer hard wiring removed and was told no, by both JC Penny Customer service as well as the delivery service dispatch team.

When the delivery driver came he refused to disconnect the old dryer, stating that customer service and dispatch were ill-informed, and they don't touch hard wiring. He also said the dryer would not fit going down my basement stairs, and he wanted to take it back. I told him it would fit. He was nasty about it and put it in my garage.

I ended up paying someone else $50.00 to bring the dryer down stairs (it went down the stairs without a problem) I had to hire an electrician for $80.00 to unhook the dryer and put in a wall outlet. The electrician did the install that the delivery guy should have done.! To top it off JC Penney charged me for the dryer cord! If they can't hard wire it, the only alternative is a cord, so the cord should automatically come with the dryer, otherwise how would you plug it in?

I was told I should have called within 48 hours and they would have forced the delivery man to comeback and bring it down the stairs. This was the Thursday before Thanksgiving holiday. I had already paid the contractor to bring it downstairs I had no idea about any 48 hour window. I was looking at getting it resolved after Thanksgiving and before the end of my credit card billing cycle.

I was not offered any compensation or apology for all the trouble and added expense I went through. I am totally dissatisfied. Had I let the driver take the dryer back JC Penney would have lost the sale altogether! I will never buy an appliance from JC Penney ever again.

I feel the least they could have done was compensate me for the cost of getting it brought downstairs. They made no effort wat so ever to make me a happy customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Jcpenney Cons: Poor service.

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