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March 6 I loaded up my two small children and went to our local JCP to buy a specific item I had seen in their children's dept. I was given the option to ship to my home or save the $8 and ship to store.

I chose ship to store and paid cash for my order. I'm not sure if this is JCPs way to ensure if I cancelled my order I would be forced to have store credit, but the associate took my cash and put it on a store gift card and then used the gift card to place my order. I was instructed to keep the gift card and a thick stack of receipts and that my order would be expected in 4 to 7 business days. I called the next Friday (6busniessdays) and was told they had no record of my order.

I spoke to a very, ahem, aloof "customer service" worker who seemed to be bothered by my inquiry and that I wasn't satisfied with the "oh I don't know" response. This lead to the employee claiming that I MUST have tried to use the gift card aka steal and thats why they dont have my order. I stopped in a day later thinking if they saw I was an actual person/customer/moneyspender they would be more helpful. Not totally sure of her position but the employee this day seemed to be a manager due to the constant pages she received to other departments while I was trying to explain my situation.

She didng see it in their shstem but went to the back and said it wasn't there but to come back in three days and it should be there. Cue first call to JCP corporate: this is where I was told my order was back ordered and it should be there in 5-7 more business days. I asked why wasn't the employee who actually placed the order hasn't informed me of the back order and why they wouldn't show pending orders in their system. I was told I'm not sure what they see on their screens.

Thanks. Well I called the local store again today 3/26 and was called back a prompt 2.5 hours later :/ with a long winding explanation that they will be doing inventory and don't expect the shipments to come until next Monday but it could come UPS. So I hung up and called corporate for some translation. This specific employee was very rude and condescending.

I explained my long ordeal and growing frustrations and was given a definition of back order. I asked if logistically she found it good business to promise a 5-7 business day shipment when in actuality it will end up (hopefully!) being over a month?! She said she is unsure of whether it will come truck or UPS and is unable to track my order. How is this possible or acceptable??

Online or instore ordering is supposed to convenient and quick - I have spent entirely too much time on hold being passed back and forth, explaining and re-explaining this whole mess and still not a whiff of "sorry for your inconvenience". I am thoroughly disgusted with this entire process and store and will not spend another dime at JCP.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

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Horrible customer service.

The associate who placed your .com order

should have explained that cash cannot

be used for online orders...the same applies

if you were ordering from your home computer .

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