Plano, Texas

I have purchased the TownCraft expandable slacks for the last 10 years from J C Penny, along with dress shirts and ties. I now find out that J C Penny no longer offers the TownCraft expandable slacks.

I guess I will take my shirt and tie business somewhere else. Maybe that is one of the reasons that J C Penny is having trouble and loosing customers and market share.

J C Penny said they wanted to hear from their customers, so here it is. Lets just see if this will get a response from the powers that be at the great J C Penny.

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:grin I agree!!!


I am looking for the TownCraft men's jeans, also. They are the only jeans my father likes, and he needs new ones.

I was shocked to discover that Penney's no longer carries them.

Sadly, it seems that every time I go to Penney's in search of something I am used to purchasing there, they no longer carry it. Maybe I just need to stop hoping they will be the store I used to love.


Very unhappy that Penneys did away with towncraft pants and shirts. My husband has been using them for years, especially the back elastic pants.


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Was thrilled to find these jeans at J C Penny. Stretch brushed denim was a fabric used in the 70's, they also came in a 31" inseam, making this jean extremely rare.

I am very sad as these were these are the only jeans my 87 year old Father has worn in over 20 years. He was always so happy when I would bring them to him.

I am at a complete loss as to where and what to purchase for him now.


I totally agree with all that is being said.

I used to buy all my clothes at Pennys. But since you have dumped the quality lines this is another customer that won't be back.

If, as you say you are listening to your customers then "listen".