Plano, Texas

I have purchased the TownCraft expandable slacks for the last 10 years from J C Penny, along with dress shirts and ties. I now find out that J C Penny no longer offers the TownCraft expandable slacks.

I guess I will take my shirt and tie business somewhere else. Maybe that is one of the reasons that J C Penny is having trouble and loosing customers and market share.

J C Penny said they wanted to hear from their customers, so here it is. Lets just see if this will get a response from the powers that be at the great J C Penny.

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I had been purchasing the towncraft elastic waist pants for my autistic son. They were comfortable and looked great too. I have been unable to find the same quality elsewhere and am so disappointed that they have been discontinued.


For good ol' regular husbands (or mates), Towncraft couldn't be beat! Great quality, always good value ....

And now GONE! You retailers are messing with us regulars waaay too much!


I couldn't agree more with most of these comments. I loved those jeans and they were the only ones I ever bought.

Very depressing when they vanished off the shelf.

But is Townsend out of business? Do they just not make them any more. It would seem they would find a new store to market them since they were and still are a 'huge' hit and quality product. And why has J.C.

Penney's not responded to any of these comments?

Surely Townsend knows what a quality product they have. Have they gone out of business maybe.


I have bought towncraft pants (from J C Penny's) for 20 years and now I haven't been able to do so for about a year... So, my shopping at Penny's has, and will continue to, decline.... So, J C Penny's, if you want my business bring towncraft pants back!!!


We're can I get towncraft elestic waist pants. Why would you quit selling them when everyone love those pants


I have bought many of the Towncraft shorts in the past and love them. They fit the best and have shorter inseams that don't hang way down over my knees.

I wish you still carried them, as I can't find them anywhere on the web.


I have purchased Towncraft jeans for years for my husband. Why are you not selling them anymore.

Are they out of business or don't you carry them.

Please tell me where they are selling them even if I have to go online. My husband loves these jeans and they always have been a good fit for him.


Obviously they weren't making enough money off of the brand. I know you people are used to being catered to your whole lives, but sometimes companies need to cut things that simply aren't pulling enough profit.

If it's that big of a deal in your life, go out and make your own "Townscraft expandable slacks" instead of collectively *** with the other 10 people that bought the product. Grow up.


***! If you would read all these comments you would see more than 10 people bought those pants for a long period of time.

You need to grow up. Sometimes it is almost impossible to find clothes in hard to find sizes and fits for some people-- such as my husband.

Towncraft fit him great. Grow up


It's not JCP. The pants do not exist anymore from the manufacturer.

They cannot order them if they do not exist.

I still haven't found a replacement for my husband but I cannot blame it on JCP. I have searched the internet and they do not make them.


how rude, it sounds like profit is more important than customers. yes we will just grow up and you can make that 20 people because our whole family shopped there and I guess they don't need our business. They now carry only the same brands as every other store so there is no choice for the customers just another clone store.


Husband had stroke; asks for very little but tonight said that he wanted more of the TOWNCRAFT drawstring pants that are so comfortable. Immediately jumped on the Internet to read "JC Penney does not carry TownCraft." Please explain your reasoning for no longer carrying this brand any more.


My husband always wore Towncraft jeans as far back as I can remember. The pairs that he has left are in bad shape.

He is very disapointed that you no longer carry them. He has been shopping in other stores hoping to find them.

They wear better and look better than any other brand you offer.

We hope that you will start carrying them again.


Towncraft mens pants........Where are they after twenty years.......NOW I SEE WHY JC IS IN TROUBLE


We have been buying Towncraft for years ,this is sad that they are no longer available.


I also have purchased Towncraft expandable pants for years and from JC Penny and wanted to purchase some more only to find out they no longer offer them.


they were best sellers so what does the CEO do? kill the line what else.

All of the J.C. Penny house brands we go there for are now gone or reduced to nothing and they wonder were the customers went?


I also have purchased Towncraft pants for my husband for the last 15 years and they are the best fitting pants I've ever seen. They have elastic in the back and a plain front so they look very neat and are comfortable as well.

Why doesn't JC Penney wise up and sell what their customers like.

Why does everything have to look sloppy? Come on, listen to your customers if you want to stay in business!


My husband loved those elastic back Towncraft pants. I can't find anything like them in his size anywhere else.

Everything seems geared to the younger generation, but baby boomers are the ones with the money. Wake up corporate America!


Yes! Am looking in vain for the towncraft wrinkle free short sleeve plaid shirts.

They were good quality. Now all I seem to find is thin, poor quality, looks like you slept in them shirts. This is very frustrating. My husband wears them for work.

Everything is poor quality these days. Its too bad that Penny's quality seems more like walmart these days.