I have purchased the TownCraft expandable slacks for the last 10 years from J C Penny, along with dress shirts and ties.I now find out that J C Penny no longer offers the TownCraft expandable slacks.

I guess I will take my shirt and tie business somewhere else. Maybe that is one of the reasons that J C Penny is having trouble and loosing customers and market share.

J C Penny said they wanted to hear from their customers, so here it is.Lets just see if this will get a response from the powers that be at the great J C Penny.

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I agree with all these comments! Has there been a definitive answer as to whether the manufacturer has actually gone out of business?

North Olmsted, Ohio, United States #1327238


Conneaut, Ohio, United States #1308407

In 2009 I had a case of shingles and to this day I can not wear a belt.I found that the Towncraft elastic waist with suspenders were the most comfortable fit for me.

I have been looking for some new ones but can not find any.Evidently Penny's must have discontinued them.


I second that - best shorts ever now I have to find somewhere else to buy them.

Ocala, Florida, United States #1294647

I loved the town craft pants with the elastic in the back. I don't understand why J c Penny no longer sell them.

Marion, Indiana, United States #1248893

I also have bought Towncraft 'back elastic' pants for years at JCP.They were worn by many men.

They loved the cut, comfort and weight.

I have searched for the past 2 years to find them, to no avail.

Is there anywhere you know of that still makes these pants, even under another name.

My husband and his friends miss these pants so badly.

Is there anyway that you would consider carrying them again, ever?

Please help, we are desperate.

And...why don't you reply to any of these messages?Evidently you don't care about customer satisfaction

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #1234713

Yea, JC Penny sucks the bag on that one


I also bought towncraft elastic waist jeans for my husband who is a size 52 waist. Very disappointed I only cannot find them thru jcp, but nowhere on the internet.

San Diego, California, United States #1218109

Ditto - bad decision on the part of management.

Winter Haven, Florida, United States #1200707

yes I am having the same problem with the towncraft expandable waist mens pants.now you do not carry these.

I always bought lots of products from your store and on line.Why don't you listen to your customers.

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