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Jcpenney in Beavercreek, Ohio - Rude cashier and lacking sales info.

I went with my husband and grandma to JCpenney yesterday because we heard they were having a sale spend $25 get $10 off. My grandma went and asked the man working in shoes and said the shoes should be ok for the discount and that we could get the coupon at one of the check-outs. So we found some shoes and went to check out closer to the door we parked at. The woman rang up our shoes and my grandma told me to ask if we needed to pay with the charge card to get the discount and she said no. She gave us our total and it was high so I asked her if she did the discount and she looked at me like I was crazy, then my grandma explained what we were talking about and she leaned over the counter a little and extremely rudely asked "do you have a coupon". My grandma told her what the man at the counter had said and the cashier said "I don't know who told you that but we're not allowed to do that" Then she said" Oh well these aren't eligible for the discount". So we said don't worry about it we'll just pay for them. As we were walking out we saw the cashier storm up to the shoe department and loudly asked "Who's the man working in shoes we have a big problem!" There was just no need for that she could have calmly explained to him that they couldn't do that and not to do it again and her somewhat getting in my grandma's face and being rude with her was very unprofessional. My grandma it a very loyal JCpenney customer she goes there quite often but we will not be returning to the one we went to yesterday. I also found out today a man I work took his girlfriend to a different one yesterday and they did the discount at the counter no problem. I mean getting the discount isn't a big deal but the rudeness and how far the cashier blew something so minor out of proportion was unacceptable.
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I used to have customers like you, expecting a discount every time they came to the register and exploding in anger when we didn't have them or if their Clarks were not applicable. Yes, associates are not allowed to have the coupons at the registers. It is the customer's responsibility to bring the coupon.


Another thing to consider....

if the shoes were a "doorbuster" the coupon wouldn't be applied.


Here we go again another five year old writing a complaint without parental permission. How do I know the user is five yeas old, because only a five year old would mistake being told no as rudeness.

You obviously don't know English either because the man DID tell you that you can get a COUPON at the counters. Don't go around saying it was not about not getting the coupon, because as soon as she said no you accused her of being rude. As other people started the coupon does not cover all items. Next time if you manage to get a coupon get an adult to read it over(since your grandmother was there she could do this for you.

Just learn to follow the rules and the world does not revolve around you and things will be easier for you. That is my advice.


Our store won't allow us to give the coupon out either. They are a 1 use coupon.

Coupons also don't work on certain brands of shoes like athletic shoes and clarks. They are listed on the coupon.

Sign up for their mobile alerts and they will text you a link to every coupon as they have them.


Honestly, each store varies. Some stores they will give you the discount at the register and you wont need the coupon.

The location I work at we are not allowed to do so either. Plus the coupons are accessible on the website and you can pull it up on your smartphone.

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