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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - Can’t find Stylus jeans

What happened to stylus jeans and leggings and what can we do to get them back?
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Jcpenney Customer Care

JCPenney-The Lose-Lose

Since November 2013, I have been looking for a pair of new winter boots. At first I did find some at Target, but before I knew it, the boots were on clearance, but they still had them on the regular price of on the website. I was waiting for them to go toward the sale price again so I could buy them, but when I called the available store they didn't even tell me until it was too late, so I never got them. Then I started to look around for another pair of boots at other stores until I saw a pair of boots called the “Totes Peyton Winter Boots” on the JCP website. The next week, I went up to the nearest JCP store and for some reason I decided to get a pair of the desired boots in a size off my regular size. When the cashier rung up the total, it was nowhere close to the clearance price, they cost over $50.00. On the website these boots were on clearance for $27.99. When I asked her why they came to that price she told me that they wouldn't go on clearance until next month. I bought the boots but I felt cheated. For weeks I called them to see if they had a pair in my size, but they would always say no. I even made calls farther out one day and the last call I made the person on the phone was rude. The only place they seemed to have them in a size 8 in black would be on their website, but since I don't own a credit card I was out of luck. Even if the “Totes Peyton Winter Boots” were available in my desired color and size online it seemed like someone else would buy the *** boots every 30 minutes when they were available. This was becoming my own personal wild goose chase. I even asked my brother to buy a pair for me online when I saw they were available. When he finally got on the website he had trouble getting them in the cart but it later turned out that the size 8 in black were sold out that quick. In that moment I was frustrated at this whole situation. After a while, I decided to take them back to the store so I can get my money back and my brother tells me that the cashier told him that they might have a pair in the color and size I wanted. Turned out to be another no. After that I decided I didn't even want the *** things anymore because it was clear enough to see that JCP was playing sick mind games online and offline. I realized that this whole thing turned out to be a lose-lose situation with the only win of a money back guarantee. For anyone making an in-store visit to buy an item instead, check if the price in the store is the same as online. You could be next!
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For future reference: if you don't have a credit card and want to purchase online you can do so with a gift card from the store. I don't like putting my credit card info online for fear of being overcharged so if i see something online i want to order, I figure out how much it will be with tax and everything and I purchase a gift card in store and use that to pay for the item online.

It's an extra step but it keeps me from being double billed and helps with identity theft. It would also work for someone without a credit card.

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Order processing issue

Short Review on January 01, 2015

Mentor Ohio employee named Lauren greiner worst employee ever seen rude to customers no patience can't help people when they ask for assistance big anger problem. I won't shop there because of her
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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - JC PENNEY screaming commercial

The JC Penney screaming commercial is easily the most annoying and ridiculous commercial I have ever had to watch. I am grateful that I have a mute button on my remote and I can't get to it fast enough when this *** commercial starts. I am embarrassed to be of the same species as the *** responsible for putting such garbage on TV. My JC Penney's credit card had been destroyed and I will NEVER step foot in the place again. Anyone that has anything to do with getting this commercial on the TV should be standing in the unemployment line.
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the loudest mosst annoying commercial ever. And how dare they play it in the evenings and at night when people are trying to relax. It should be banned for disturbing the peace!!!!!!


This commercial makes my blood boil and causes me stress. I hate it so much that I I have to mute it or turn the channel the second I see it to stop my anger.


I am very disappointed in the judgment of the JCP leaders. What were you thinking???

JCP has more class than to stoop to such lousy marketing antics.

The ads are annoying and do not reflect your company in a good light. fire your ad agency and whoever on your team that approved this campaign.


I will never, ever shop at JCP again... I repeat: EVER.

The screaming commercial is the most annoying commercial I think I have ever seen. It almost must makes me turn my TV off!.

If anyone from JCP looks at this site, your marketing / advertising folks should be fired. You're pushing your customers away!!!


the ad is annoying but also kind of funny. you dont want to shop at a long standing american owned company because of an ad you find offensive but you probably cant wait to save a buck at walmart with their friendly positive commercials and their business practices that are driving our country into the gutter. awesome.


Not only is this commercial annoying, it needs to be defecated on. I am not sure the market they are addressing.

Certainly not the discriminating customer. I am now not a person to every step foot in this store. I mute the TV when I see the commercial and sometimes change the channel.

This was a REALLY BAD MOVE! Shame on you!


The most annoying ad I've ever seen. I hope they lose lots of money for having done this.


Not only is it annoying and makes me angry it is absolutely uninformative.


Why make people mad at you, they won't want to shop at your store if you make them mad. Are they that desparate to get your attention? The response to bad behavior is to ignore it or avoid it.


Not only is this the most aggravating and insulting commercial I've ever seen or heard, it's played over and over and over - three or four times during a show. I don't know who's worse - the *** who created this, the company who paid for it, or the stations who air it. Just goes to show people will do anything for money...


This is the most horrible, annoying commercial I've ever seen. It's an insult to consumers and I will never shop in a JC Penney store again.


I hate this commercial it is obnoxious,annoying and nothing gratifying about it. I turn it every time I hear it. It is very upsetting because it does not represent the average consumer.


For the millions of dollars spent for developing this riduclous commercial and the TV air time, JCP could use the money to reduce prices more and procure a better line of clothes, for example. Whose the target audience for this ad?

younger age group???

I think not!! grandkids won't step foot in JCP. Glad I am not the only one that thinks this commercial obnoxious.


It's an *** commercial! Get over it or stop watching TV.


To JCP: your Marketing and Ad Agency should be fired for the most Unprofessional Commercial that I have ever experienced. If this doesn't lower your market share and Stk Price with this ridiculous commercial, I don't know what will. Total Blue Light Special!!!


We have 3 year old son and this commercial frightens him. He runs to one of us shaking and being upset.

We turn off the TV now when leaving the room for a minute. This commercial should never been approved by any network.

Please complain to JCP, like we did, to remove this idiotic commercial. JCP 1-800-322-1189 ask for Customer Support.


absolutely the most abnoxious ad EVER. Their PR dept should go to in front of a firing squad. I will not shop there for a long time.


Most commercials are bad enough but this one hits an all time low. The obnoxious shouting repulses people like fingernails dragging on a chalkboard. They must not want customers because this is one way to do it.

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Jcpenney Credit Card

Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - Failure to delivery on time

I purchased a mattress from store @ middway mall and delivery date was 3/27/14.The delivery department told me I did not have receipt with that delivery date on it. I called the store they put the blame on the delivery department. oh my. I waited no delivery I called only to find out delivery date was 3/29/14. pissed off I had to take another day off 3/29/14 delivery time 2-4 no mattress I call they give me another delivery time 3-5 OMG finally I get my mattress... NEVER AGAIN excuses excuse excuses more excuses all this for a mattress.
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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - Also upset about cabin creek

i too have worn cabin creek for 25 years i am a cancer survor and have a hard time finding jeans and pants that are now comfortable to me and cabin creek are the most comfortable going i bought 10 to 15 pairs a year and am on my last 2 pair the rest i have worn till they fell apart this was a hugh mistake i too spent alot of money on tops shoes and shirts for my husband along with other things but i dont go in a pennys at all any more they dont have what i need big mistake HUGH
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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - Once my favorite store, but not any longer

There are just so many things wrong with the "new" jc penney. For starters I'm NOT really a store shopper. The anticipation of receiving the twice yearly BIG catalog was overwhelming. I would flip through the pages and make my list of everything from clothes, to shoes, items for the bathroom, linens for the bedroom, etc. Now, with the catalog no longer available I trecked to the store and found almost none of the brands (Ambrielle, East 5th, etc) I used to buy and what I was seeing was not of the same quality. Thankfully, the Ambrielle line was brought back. Perhaps the East 5th line will be brought back, and most importanly.....with any luck and much hope they will re-issue their catalog. I and I'm sure many others would be more than happy to pay for a copy of the BIG catalog. I sure hope this once great store will return to its former glory. Until then......I'll just wait......and hope.
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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - I HATE the JC Penney's holiday commercials!

I think there is nothing worse in advertising (besides offending protected groups) than traditional or just well known songs rewritten with corny and *** new lyrics pertaining to the commercial's theme or the store. Either use the original lyrics or leave them out of the commercials, PLEASE! I think there is nothing worse in advertising (besides offending protected groups) than traditional or just well known songs rewritten with corny and *** new lyrics pertaining to your commercial or store. Either use the original lyrics or leave them out of the commercials, PLEASE! I think there is nothing worse in advertising (besides offending protected groups) than traditional or just well known songs rewritten with corny and *** new lyrics pertaining to your commercial or store. Either use the original lyrics or leave them out of the commercials, PLEASE!
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You sound crazy.

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I was given an inexpensive watch as a birthday gift. The watch has links to the watchband. Turns out it was too large. My first experience was when I went to the jewelry dept to have links taken out. The salesperson, whos name I dont know, but had very long dark...
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I'm suprised Captital One diened you, they usually accept anyone. I got my first credit card from them.

You could also try Chase bank.If you have a cell phone, that's another way to build credit. Through Sprint you will have to pay a security deposit if you have no credit but you will get it back in a year.If the cell phone is in your name it will have a positive impact on your credit if you pay it on time every month.I got into quite a mess with credit cards myself, so please be careful!

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Jcpenney in Cleveland, Ohio - Why???

I would like to know why a retailer would kill off the two major sources of their income. The loyal employees who shop there everyday and the largest demographic in the country right boomers. Let's get rid of the clothes that we have carried for years that people faithfully come back to buy time after time??? and replace it with funky, low quality merchandise. Let's pay a man millions of dollars and let go the qualified worker bees that make a pittance. Way to proud jcp. I know i am not proud or happy at this, your anniversary.
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Stores usually quit handling certain products when they no longer sell enough of the product to make a big enough profit. Actually the teens and young working people shop more than the older people, unless the older people are in the well to do category. I haven't been able to afford to shop at Penny's since my kids were little, and they are now in their 40s.

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