I'm so tired of reading about the troubles of JC Penney's. I uses to shop there at least twice a month.

My last three visits were my last. Whoever is doing the buying seems to have forgotten the over 25 year old crowd. You know those folks with some money to spend!! Not everyone wants to dress like a teenager.

I don't care who is the CEO, but lets get back to providing clothing for all folks.

You know dresses that cover the knees, tops that cover the ***, sleeves that cover arms, etc. enough is enough of this show everyone everything!

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Sicklerville, New Jersey, United States #638388

I want to comment on JCPenney as well. I've been buying my families clothes there for years.

My closet is filled with St. John Bay clothing. The last year or so, I just can't find anything to purchase. Where have all the good clothes gone, even the purses, I have a collection of them from your store, but can't find any purse I like.

The shelves only have afew things on them. Where has everything gone? When you came out the catalog that only had 2-3 items on each page. I wrote a letter to JC Penney complaining, saying we women like sales, plus we like coupons.

the ad book you sent out has to be expensive for the company. JCpenney sent me a $10.00 coupon, I couldn't find anything to buy. When things were going bad, they should've sent out surveys to customers.

When I would talk to the sales people about all the changes, they agreed with me on all the above topics. Good Luck

to kat #660290

There is an entire section for women.! Which i shop in regularly since im not a junior and prefer to be covered.

And dresses...

I just bought one floor length a week ago. It appears either you aren't in the right section or haven't asked for assistance.

Orlando, Florida, United States #638302

I don't understand how hard is it to go to another store to find clothing that tailors to your needs. I never seen so much whining over changes a store makes in my entire life.

I've worked for JCP for 2 years now, I don't agree with everything that has happened over the last year, but when I don't like something I simply just go elsewhere. Didn't realize it was hard to do that these days.

to Anon Kensington, Maryland, United States #651809

Why are you posting this "hard to do" message over and over? You are missing the point.

People miss the former combination of classic, appropriate (for people who are not teenagers),well-sized (i.e., they fit), and attractive styles with affordably pricing at THE store many have patronized since they were children.

There's a loyalty there that is priceless, others would give their eyeteeth for, and that the board and new management ****ed with.

Didn't realize that that is so hard to understand and :roll appreciate these days.

to Tuneful #659392

I agree with your point.

When I was younger, I remember going shopping at Hudson's with my Mom. She used to go to the store downtown in Detroit when I was a baby, and shop there with me in a stroller....

it was a store we loved.

The name changed to Marshall Fields, but the quality of merchandise and prices seemed to stay the same.

It was when Macy's bought them out that I stopped shopping there.

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