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I was just shopping at JC Penney's and looking for clothing made in America. I could not find any.

But I did find clothing from Mexico, Bangladesh, China, Jordan, and Indonesia. I quit looking and left. This company obviously supports other countries, not America! It is a shame our economy is failing and there are not enough jobs for us, yet companies like this see to it that other economies are supported!

Maybe if this company would read the slogan "Out of a Job yet? Keep Buying Foreign!" they would understand how they are contributing America's failing economy.

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let me know when you find a store that does sell american made clothing.

it would cost you a FORTUNE. like, 50 dollars for a plain t-shirt. american labor is much too expensive to profit off of in retail stores.

us greedy consumers are the ones who made it this way, so we cant complain about it.


I don't know if there are many clothing companies that manufacture in the USA, but they do carry New Balance shoes, which are American made.


You think JC PENNEY is the only place doing this? You should complain about every other store out there too.

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