I was shopping at the Cranberry Store. I had over $200 of merchandise to purchase.

Walked up to the teller and said I forgot my 20 percent coupon at home. There was nothing she could do about it. She thought I was still going to purchase the items. I said no thank you.

You just lost a customer. I would think $200 would of help the daily total for that store. I do think your quality in clothing is very cheap. You must be getting a lot of China junk.

I do like your purses. I had 2 to purchase. I will shop elsewhere.

Your loss. luciazacherl@yahoo.com

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At some stores cashiers can get fired for giving a discount with no proof. Thats called stealing from the company.

Lets put your job at risk and see how you like it.

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #638053

JCPenney doesn't send out coupons for no reason. Put the coupon in your purse if you think you are going to forget it. It is not the "teller's" responsibility to get you 20% off.

Have some common sense.

Port Austin, Michigan, United States #636886

most of us good cashiers at jcp will give the 20% coupon discount without the coupon if it is mentioned or forgotten. I usually scan the coupon and hand it right back to the customer so they can use it again before it expires. Please know that not all of us are like the cashier you encountered.

Orlando, Florida, United States #636865

So you're going to blame the associate because you forgot your 20% off coupon?! lol

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #636711

I'm sure you won't be missed. A lot of stores don't give credit for coupons that the customer doesn't have.

Also you made a mistake when you referred to the cashier as a teller.

Tellers work in banks.

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