I've only been in JCP twice since they began these "changes" and that has proven to be too much. Summer of 2011 I bought three pairs of shoes in there that I adore! At first I went in and they were on sale for $19.99 and I got a pair. I fell in love and went back for another color....they were $25.00, not on sale...that's fine, I bought them. Much later I went back in and to my surprise they still had the shoes! So I got the only color I didn't have, this time on clearance for $19.99. The girls told me I'd better get what I wanted they wouldn't carry them anymore.

Fast forward to this past summer....I thought I would see what they had. To my surprise they had the shoe! In all colors! Yay! Mine were becoming worn and I wanted to replace all three pairs! Can you imagine my shock, with the understanding that they no longer offer sales or coupons, to find my shoes for $29.99?!?!?!!!!

A few months later I thought I'd go in and see what was going on, as the store had begun to change. My daughter found a basket of sunglasses at the counter and was trying them on. An employee came over and told us they were on clearance, she would love to see them gone as there were several baskets around the store....and they were on sale for $.25!!!!! We began to pick out our favorite styles...after choosing several pairs and preparing to pay for our purchase, another employee came over and saw them being rang up and declared that she would be FIRED for selling them at that price!!!! She was simply scanning them....but this lady told her that she either charge the $4 on the tag (override the scanned price) she could go home! It took them 20 minutes to figure out how to override the price to charge me more....which at that point I just said, no thanks, have a good evening! They never did figure out how to over charge me, as the computer wouldn't let them! I sent a message to them and called the company, but do you really think they care? They will go under and blame Washington. It's really sad, I've looked around, much of my clothes, shoes and bags have come from there over the years. I really enjoyed that store.

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