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After working a hard shift and dealing with a lot of customers a lot of us employees have to close and organize every hanger and cloths a special way that no customer really cares about. I'm really complaining about not getting out at the time we are scheduled too.

For example we are scheduled an hour after close and the managers have us stay for 4-7 hours more and expect some of us to open the next day. We and a lot of employees have a life and are tiered of staying later than we are schealed to, a lot of us go to school and have a family to be with.

For example were scheduled from 3pm-11pm we won't get out till 3-4 am

The "L.O.D" name Matthew makes us stay 5-6 hours after close and never helps us, he just walks around and complains. Must be nice to have his position and do nothing,

The jcpenny store I'm complaing for is located in Conorado mall in Albuquerque new Mexico

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Sounds like you're not recovering the store during your shifts. While many times, like during back to school/Christmas, you're not getting anywhere fast due to everytime you straighten, a customer is there 30 seconds later destroying.

But even those nights, with the staff we have, the MOST we're generally over is 30 minutes. The majority of the time, we're out on time or early.

This was my first Christmas, but have heard of 3-4 am due to disorganization. The management staff we have, for the most part, ensures we have extra hands on deck so people can get out at a reasonable time.

But as FYP said, be glad you're getting paid & have a job. Yes people have "lives" but there are a bunch of unemployed people out there who would LOVE your job.

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To the workers that has to stay 5-6 hrs after schedule.I would hope they pay overtime.If I were you I would thank God for everjyday I stepped through those doors and punch in on a time clock.with million americans Who are still without a job.I know it may be tough right now Things will get better.pray for those who stand in authority over you those who steal a paycheck by doing nothing when they have been hired to work.

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