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I went into Pennys to buy the SJB tops only to find out the company has discontinued the line. This is the last straw.

First they change the entire way they do business then they cater only to the 10 to 25 year olds with short, skimpy, and torn cloths not to mention the extremely revealing items of clothing. The clothing us mature shoppers buy was pushed into a corner, over priced, and a lousey selection. I am angry that we, again, have been pushed aside for the younger generation who, by the way, do not get the paychecks to pay for the items purhased. WE their Parents pay for them.

Perhaps you prefer the gang bangers stealing your inventory as is thier game of choice because you cater to that generation with the style of clothing and accesseries you sell. It's no wonder your stores are empty of shoppers and are going bankrupt.

You deserve it. Get rid of the idiots you now have on your board of directors and put back the ones who have business sense and know who REALLY are their clientele.

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Rochester, New York, United States #620354

I cannot believe what has happened to JCPenneys. I was at one of the stores

yesterday, only to find out that they are no longer going to carry the brand

of men's slacks that my son has been wearing to work for years...St. John's

Bay & are replacing it with a pair of *** material pants. Who ever had the

idea to do away with one of Penney's money-makers, needs to have his or hers...probably "his"...head examined!! Just when I think that the people or

person running the company, couldn't possibly do another *** move, they or he, prove me wrong. I wish that someone could go through their

records of all the purchases I have made at Penney's since I first started

shopping there & they or he would see why I'm so upset. I can find no

reason for my shadow to ever darken their doors again, as there's nothing

that I would need to purchase there as I really don't need the aggravation

of the way it's being miss-run. The *** merchandise...the longs lines due

to the closing of several kiosks...the unhappy help due to lack of enough

help...the inability of paying for something with cash as the poor cashier has only this *** hand-held ditty that doesn't accept cash payments. I

could go on & on...but why bother because management is going to do what they darn well please. All I can say is...take a peek at the stock for

those that follow the stock market & thank your lucky stars that, hopefully,

you don't own any JCPenny stock, because, while the stock market is at an

all-time high...Penney's is at an all-time low. What does it take...a brick

thrown to the management's heads...to see what they're doing is not working. An *** could even see that it's not working. I'm more than happy shopping at Kohl's, Target's, Macy's & even sometimes, Sear's. I'm

sorry for all the people that lost their jobs because of this digusting re-do

& I think the people left should start job-hunting as I fear the store will soon be out of business. Get rid of the new management & the store might

have a chance...if it's not too late.

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