I went to our local JCP to stock up on my usual purchase of East 5th Sheerest Support pantyhose since it is winter. I wear them only for dress in the summer, but wear them quite often in the winter.

Whaaaat? Their hosiery department has shrunk to the size of a closet, with no Sheerest Support's available. Couldn't determine my size in the "new" brand, and cannot tolerate the materials found in the cheapy brands, so left empty-handed.

Am surfing the web, now, for my favorite line of pantyhose. Once my favorite store, JCP is now just another collection of polyester, mass-produced, clothing that only fits the anorexic and the older women.

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I too loved the east 5th panty hose. They were the best hose I have ever used.


Yes, That is very much so on the line of clothing "no class or taste" and the panty hose were the best for woman of color and fit is perfect when will it make a come back.

New York, New York, United States #1298883

Loved those stockings, emailed them for the manufacturer,so I could order them directly and jc penny never responded. Poor customer service. I saw some on eBay.


I LOVED this brand of pantyhose. INDESTRUCTIBLE and comfortable. Would love to know where to purchase.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #612577

It seems JCP is still selling a good selection on their website. For quite some time, most of the options were out of stock but try the website to see if the style, size, and color you like are there.

It is a pain to have to order stuff over the web and wait for it to arrive in the mail but they can still be bought. I don't know how much delivery is or exactly how that works but worth checking out.

Los Angeles, California, United States #594620

I agree - no more East 5th - best panty hose for the money available to the general population. We all can't afford varicose vein surgery or to have our legs "sprayed with orange tint" - nylons are still very practical and stylish ... to get rid of them is forgetting a large majority of the population who don't have "those perfect legs" but still have enough respect and dignity for their image to look very nice - shame on you JC Penney - Shame on you!!!!!!!!!!

to sue Walnut, California, United States #656412

Shame on you for sure JC Penny for discontinuing the panty hose. No wonder your business is in the toilet.

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