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I purchased a mattress box spring set on May 13, 2014. One week later we noticed the top of the mattress was flattening down and was lower than the foot of the mattress.

There was a crease in the center of the mattress and my husband and would roll to the center if both of us were in the bed. I called JC Penney and complained and they sent a technician named Jose on July 2, 2014 to our house to inspect the mattress. He confirmed all the problems we stated with the mattress. We used a level to see if the bed frame was level and it was level on every side, top and bottom.

When the level was used on the mattress it wasn’t level regardless of where you put the level. Jose stated there was no question the mattress was defective and was also too soft and mushy on top. He told me not to worry and his report to JC Penney would reflect it was a defective mattress. JC Penney called me today, July 08, 2014 and left a message stating Jose’s report states there was nothing wrong with the mattress and they would not return or exchange it.

I’m livid and told JCP to pick up their mattress/box springs and we would never bother them again in shopping at their store. They charged me $125.00 restocking fee and apparently they will resell this mattress? What??? I received so many apologies from so many people today but no one would make this right.

I’m done with this company and have never been treated so badly. I cancelled all our JCP credit cards today. I let this liar Jose into my house, wasting hours of my time and he turns in a report with lies on it.

I’m speechless on how JCP has treated us.

Monetary Loss: $125.

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