I can't buy cabin Creek pants any more from JCP on line. I always buy them in TALL.

NOT Happy

The new person in charge of JCP thinks we older people don't need these regular clothes. They are wrong to put all younger styles in the store. At least keep the some of the regular things we have bought for years. I will never go a JCP store again after today.

The college kids don't have the money to buy new clothes. We buy for them.

I have 2 older men I also buy for and I will not shop JCP for them also.

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ok people, really its taken you this long to figure this out, jcp hasn't carried this brand in over 2 years!!! obviously you all couldn't be bothered to go in and buy some so they would sell enough to keep the brand, its your own fault, things that don't sell don't stay on the shelves, if there are really "that many of you" who wanted the brand you would go into the store more than once every few years YOUR the ***

to only sane person #637360

Cabin Creek pants are great for work. Your right Penneys hasnt had those pants in 2 yrs, that's when Penneys changed their buyers.

The clothes are cheaply made and the prices arent worth it. I always bought those pants. For us girls that arent in their 30's but not 60 are in trouble.

How do we dress....like teenyboppers or like old ladies. Come on Penneys get with it or you won't be in business much longer.

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