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Jcpenney in Brooklyn, New York - Don't buy JCP gift cards, give people VISA or other.

Me too. Got a 75$ gift card. I went there and did some shopping. They wouldn't give me the discount if I used the gift card so I had to use my JCP credit card. I thought I would just pay my bill with the credit card but can't. I don't usually shop at JCP and now will do it much less. Gift cards mean you can't get the discounts even if you have a JCP credit card. I'll NEVER, EVER give someone a gift card from there. I'll probably just sell the card on eBay for 65$ if I can.
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Jcpenney Credit Card
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Poor customer service
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let people use gift cards for payment

Jcpenney in Lockport, New York - Reduced credit card amount

I have been a card holder at jcp for 10 years. Always a loyal customer and they dropped my credit line without telling me. My line was 2000 and dropped it to 650 even though I did not max it. I ran into some personal issues and ended up being late on a payment and called to explain the situation which they said was fine. I've been making payments on time and still dropping my credit. I can't stand them now and they have the nerve to keep sending promotions. At this point they drop it to zero because I'm done with them.
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Jcpenney Credit Card

Jcpenney in Albany, New York - Made a payment early, now accused of not paying

As I do with other credit cards and bills, I made a payment when I go paid. My payment was due by December 23rd, I paid it on November 28th. I was accused of not making a December payment and was assessed a late fee. When I called and complained they took off the late fee but have insisted that a make double payment now by February 23rd. They insisted that I must make at least one payment per month and that the second payment even though after the due date of November 23rd still counted for November not December. My bill accuses me of missing a payment an I am being treated as if I missed a payment even though I didn't and the late fee was rescinded. They would not compromise, they'd rather lose a customer. I told them to close my account and told the woman what I though. She didn't like that.
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Nearly all credit cards are like this. The extra payment comes off your principle. READ your credit agreements.


I disagree with you. I make a few different payments to other companies and do not have this problem.

The one other card I have that is like Penney, clearly states it on the bill. Since Penney's gives you a choice of dates for the payment when made on line, a simple statement regarding early payments would be helpful.

Regardless of their policy, when you are going belly up maybe a little understanding instead of reproach would be helpful.

@Mr Ed

It depends on the type of card. Department store cards have different terms and cycles than revolving credit cards simple line of credit cards, like Visa or Mastercard.

Again, like I said, read the terms of the account.

If you need to have your hand held to own a credit card that you refuse to take responsibility for, then you deserve reproach. And if you take information and advice as reproach, then you are clearly too *** young to even have a credit cared.


O Yea! Never make a payment to early at JC Penny's.

If your payment(example)is due March 20th and you decided to pay it like February 28th (staying ahead of the game) they will not look upon that Feb 28th as March payment. This happen to me once.

Yea, I know..dumb isnt it? :roll

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Jcpenney Credit Card
20+ year of JCP credit card, with unlimited credit limit, reduced to 200. Bills always promptly paid, I have OUTSTANDING credit, own my home free and clear. Recently made catalog order, 200.00, of which not all would have been kept. Went to purchase store items...
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I'm sorry you're experiencing problems with your accounts. We'd like to help. Please email me at with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 120911_pcBevvyny

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



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Jcpenney Credit Card

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